Transmuting the OLD with the Violet Flame Energy

44256-stock-photo-wasser-rot-schwarz-violett-kanada-wasserfallAs with anything in life to become a master at something alot of the time we have to study and repeat over and over agin until we gain a level of proficiency.  This is true also when we work with the unseen realms.  If you think of how long it takes at a gym to work on the body you desire and then the continued maintenance of it, energy works along the same lines.

So in this incredible year of 2013 where the old energies are working their way out of our energy systems we must become efficient at keeping our energy systems clear of old stagnant lower vibrational energies.

The violet flame/fire is a great way to clear these energies from your system.  It is very easy to use and will have great benefits.  Just follow this simple instruction below and commit to using it as many times in the day as you feel.

Then slowly but surely you will start to become a master of clearing old energies and your spiritual muscles will grow strong.. so see how you get on with it, after all what have you got to lose??

“Close your eyes and ask the violet flame to wash your aura and clear out old enegies.  Now imagine a violet waterfall descending from above washing all old enegies away.  Just sit in it for 30 seconds and then stop the waterfall and see yourself shining and new.  Affirm to yourself I AM Light”


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Energy Update – When the Arc of Polarity Decrases

Greetings all

I hope that you are all well and are growing in light day by day, even though it feels like the roller coaster of your life.  Just keep on in there and make sure that you lead with your heart and Know that there is an answer to everything which you are facing, no matter how big it seems to be at the time.  The light is gaining ground and we are all starting to be the light that we are and the light that the Earth deserves.   Its great to be able to finally get a newsletter written as here has been so much happening over the last 2 weeks, it’s hard to write about it all but here’s a few short updates on whats been going on in my view.

The Passing Of Margaret Thatcher – Lady Thatcher Polarized people across the world, she was a lady of Marmite qualities, you either loved her or hated her!  She was a colossus of energy that was elected into power by a people whom had lost direction.  The list of her positive accomplishments are as long as her negative actions and I don’t want to get caught up in the politics of it all so ill just give my spiritual viewpoint of it.  For me she made you look at your own energetic baggage and made you see the victim or victor in yourself.  Some people chose the victim role and others the successor and it’s thanks to her that so much baggage from the 1980’s was brought up for clearing. So my hat is off to her what an amazing accomplishment!  Her passing I feel took out allot of dark energies which had been hanging around on the planet, especially with her in the last few years of her career and her later sickly life.  This has allowed a lessening in the swing of polarity which we are all dealing with.  So again many thanks Maggie for all your hard work. 

Recent New Moon –  I feel the new moon of last week was a time when allot of us whom have been in the throws of turmoil and change can now move forward again.  It’s not going to be a record breaking 100m dash.  But a slow and gradual start, by seeing our truth and acting upon our truth we will become the beacons of light for the newly awakening ones to follow.   Boy oh Boy light folk we have loads of work coming up!  are you excited?

Ending of false Gods and Goddesses – Last weekend a shift took place where I feel we are being freed from these old God like energies which we have given our power away at some point in our existence.  Each time I release another old layer that I once though was my God self but was not< I start to feel a greater sense of freedom and light.  It’s time to let go of the cords which bind you to them and release any old contracts so that you can be the new you.

Cellular Change – Much more of our authentic DNA has been activated in the last week and we are all changing physically very rapidly.  Body temp changes, skin outbreaks, dizziness, tiredness, increased thirst, decreased or increased appetite are a few of the symptoms.  Whilst dealing with these changes please hon our your body and do what you feel is best for you at the moment. 

So lots going on folks!  I’ll be in touch again soon.  If you need any assistance with anything I have mentioned this week or any other healing issues, I would be honored if you booked a Soul Cloud session below so that I can energetically assist you with this releasing.  That’s all for now have a great week.

Diamond light – Ryan