ReMembering Marriage – Sexual Equality

There is much discussion at the moment about same gender marriage in the press, which is bringing up parties on either side of the debate.  This is great as it is allowing us to all release long held patterns of limitation of love which have restricted us on the Earth for thoudands of years.

Many of us have given our power away to historic energies that told us how to run our lives. Many of these were formed by religious groups.  Some institutions told us how to love our romantic partners and how to treat them, what they could do and what they couldnt do, even sometimes to the abuse of the spouse. They even told us how we needed to enact our bonding too them.  How crazy is that?  We have let others dictate our own destiny!!

There are the traditionalists who want to stay in their comfort zones of old and there are the reformers whom are itching for us to love in a more open and fair way.  To me as a gay man I’m not really drawn into the arguments as I feel that I am in control of my life and I have the right to marry who I want and I dont need a certificate to authenicate this.  The only authenticity I require is the feeling in my heart!

I can see though how those whom are rallied to either side of the argument are having the opportunity to express themselves and their old patterns.  So fight on the good fight if you feel it, express the old if you feel it, or stay in the peace of your heart if you’re over it ;-). It is certainly the time to remember the divine power that you all hold to take control of your own loving relationships.

Until next time – Ryan


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Universal Wealth

Universal Abundance   As the light grows each week upon this New Age of Earth, we are becoming aware of many more facets of our being. Starting to experience the vast energy which is our Soul.  As each facet comes back into our consciousness we can begin to grasp what actually is Universal Abundance?

You have for so long in your Earth Evolution been working on manifesting possessions, financial wealth, and relationships in all of their forms, which have been great child like lessons in your re-awakening and return to Love.  This is the starting platform of manifesting capabilities.

What I mean by this is that you have now the basic understanding of your human blueprint and the relationship between yourself and the laws of the universe which govern us.

Now once anything is learnt you are able to hold a level of mastery overy the energy which has been learned and therefore become proficient in it’s use. This is the stage that many of you are arriving at right now, you are in the process of fine tuning this Earthly Manifesting skill.  On a daily basis you are fine tuning this skill, working out what needs to be let go of, what works and what doesnt work in this new age of Love. This is a necessary task to endure so that you can once more become instant manifestors.

Now my dear friends is the time to take this process to the next level/frequency.  Many of your higher energy facets have still to be integrated into your being.  You were not able to bring them down with you from the higher realms as the lower energies upon Earth at that time would not allow it.   This is an exciting process that many of you are now starting. We view this from the higher realms as a cosmic treasure hunt, finding those many aspects and facets which will aid you in the transformation of the Earth.

This is what we mean by Universal Abundance, the re-connection of your super luminal light that holds levels of abundance that your current energy field cannot yet comprehend.  The manifesting of Earthly possessions will soon be as easy as breathing, as your cosmic treasure hunt will fill you with wonder and awe. Each aspect which returns to you will feel like a shining jewel returning back to your light body. Welcome each back in a state of gratitude and grace.

So dear ones what stage is your hearts expansion at?  Are you able to immerse yourself into the sacred heart and let go of all that you have placed in the way?  Can you immerse yourself in the energy of these words and let go of limitation?   It is time for many of you to reach up now and become YOU!   Infinity awaits us all, Enjoy!

VLT Observes the Antennae Galaxies

VLT Observes the Antennae Galaxies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Loving Global Abundance

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

Currently on the planet there are close to 7 billion people all with their own specific set of energies, learnings, emotions, and set of patternings which all come together and form our current Earth Conciousness. Now to delve a little deeper about how abundant we truly feel as a planet, how many people on the planet do you feel are operating abundantly? and how many are operating from a place of lack or fear? It’s an interesting question isn’t it!

So as lightworkers we are all tapping into this mass conciousness and are helping to clear the lower vibrations of povery, scarcity, lack and fear to name but a few. We are removing programms and patternings that have held our unawakened brothers and sisters in fear and lack for thoudands of years. So this is much more than just your own personal issues people! We are clearing on behalf of our Earth Family! It certainly does seem like a never ending task sometimes! but hey, we chose to do it. So we may as well jusr get on with it an shut up moaning (haha). That is when we have enough energy again as each wave takes a little time to recalibrate.

Yes we arwe tired and weary of this constant onslaught of unseen energies. But our soul is strong enough to keep us going, up that proverbial mountain unti we reach the goal that we set out to reach!

So what can we do right now to align financial abundance to love?? A good friend of mine told me this little meditation,

“Settle into you meditative state, open your heart and connect to your true self. Then visualise all of the monety in the world within a chamber of light, See all of the gold, silver jewels and money. Now ask that all of the conents of this chamber be now reprogrammed to align with love. Visualise a shower of light cleaning all of this abundance. let it flow for a minute or two.

Now that the abundance has been cleaned open your heart even wider and allow the new abundance to flow into your heart and the hearts of others whom are aligned with love.

Affirm that you deserve this abundance and will use it wisely! Feel good about it!”

Thats all you need to do, do this as many times each day as you feel you need to… and in your own specific way you are assisting in the realignment of financial abundance to love.


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.