Universal Wealth

Universal Abundance   As the light grows each week upon this New Age of Earth, we are becoming aware of many more facets of our being. Starting to experience the vast energy which is our Soul.  As each facet comes back into our consciousness we can begin to grasp what actually is Universal Abundance?

You have for so long in your Earth Evolution been working on manifesting possessions, financial wealth, and relationships in all of their forms, which have been great child like lessons in your re-awakening and return to Love.  This is the starting platform of manifesting capabilities.

What I mean by this is that you have now the basic understanding of your human blueprint and the relationship between yourself and the laws of the universe which govern us.

Now once anything is learnt you are able to hold a level of mastery overy the energy which has been learned and therefore become proficient in it’s use. This is the stage that many of you are arriving at right now, you are in the process of fine tuning this Earthly Manifesting skill.  On a daily basis you are fine tuning this skill, working out what needs to be let go of, what works and what doesnt work in this new age of Love. This is a necessary task to endure so that you can once more become instant manifestors.

Now my dear friends is the time to take this process to the next level/frequency.  Many of your higher energy facets have still to be integrated into your being.  You were not able to bring them down with you from the higher realms as the lower energies upon Earth at that time would not allow it.   This is an exciting process that many of you are now starting. We view this from the higher realms as a cosmic treasure hunt, finding those many aspects and facets which will aid you in the transformation of the Earth.

This is what we mean by Universal Abundance, the re-connection of your super luminal light that holds levels of abundance that your current energy field cannot yet comprehend.  The manifesting of Earthly possessions will soon be as easy as breathing, as your cosmic treasure hunt will fill you with wonder and awe. Each aspect which returns to you will feel like a shining jewel returning back to your light body. Welcome each back in a state of gratitude and grace.

So dear ones what stage is your hearts expansion at?  Are you able to immerse yourself into the sacred heart and let go of all that you have placed in the way?  Can you immerse yourself in the energy of these words and let go of limitation?   It is time for many of you to reach up now and become YOU!   Infinity awaits us all, Enjoy!

VLT Observes the Antennae Galaxies

VLT Observes the Antennae Galaxies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.  www.oriondiamond.me


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