Sun Gazing

Heart_SunSince my introduction to Kundalini Yoga about 4 years ago I have been aware of the resorative energies of the sun and how that the magical times of the Dawn and Dusk are the times when the veils between our realities are much thinner.  I remember a few 5am starts with my friend Edel on the beach in Dublin welcoming the dawn energies and receiving the power of the sun on a few chilly summer mornings in Ireland.

Then from 2011, I shelved this energy and didnt really do much with it.  That is until last week when I was out on my evening walk around the Quays where I live.   I connected with the sun about 45 minutes before sunset and just started staring into the sun and re-energising myself.  I found that I was able to stare straight into the sun without sunglasses and keep the focus,  I did this for about15-20 minutes.  The feeling was incredible and I could feel the energy of the Sun flowing through my body and the most incredible spectrum of colours visible around the sphere of the Sun.  Seriously I could have stayed here forever. The feeling of bliss and oneness was flowing like a waterfall through my body and I know something magical was happening.

I did mangage to disconnect when the sun had nearly set.  On my walk home I started to question, if I had damaged my eyes as I know the UV light is damaging to the eyes and can cause serious damage.  But deep down I knew that I hadn’t!  I just relaxed that evening and just let the energy work its magic.

The next morning however I stumbled accross and article on the guardian which was posted upon a friends facebook on Sun Gazing.  The timing of the synchronicity was perfect as usual.  The artice which I have posted the link below was just blowing my mind as it stated that NASA had done a study on sun gazing and noted its health benefits.  Please do read the article!

So i’m back on track and the sun is back in my life once more after my chilly beginnings in 2011.  If you are interested in trying it then the article has good safe advice.  As sun gazing at times of UV light can damage your eyes.  You must make sure that there is no UV rays at the time you sun gaze.  I suppose my next manifestation game is to now live in a place where I can sun gaze daily, as Manchestef UK isn’t the best for the Sun even in Summer 😉

So heres to super human abilities 😉

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