When Three Become One – The Infinite Now

trinityThe power of the sacred trinities are coming more and more into our spheres of awareness, ancient triangulation of matter, frequency and sound which can assist us in the transformation of ourselves.

The trinity which I wish to discuss in this post is the union of the Sacred Masculine, Feminine and Inner Child which many of you on the spiritual path have done much work on/remembering.  Lots of work has been needed for many of us to accept old hurts, lessons, experiences in that upwards spiralling process of returning these three sacred aspects into their full light.

The work I have been doing lately has been all about introducing once more each of these separate energies to each other once more.  Letting them allow any old lower vibrations to be expressed and released in order for them to work together in union as one.

This process can take some work or could be instant, all depending on your path.  So can you try bringing all of those energies into a Triangle?  Lets make that connection once more and begin the merging process.

Remember we can only truly receive when we accept the full power of the divine feminine, We can only take Action from the heart when our masculine is loving and we only have the power of innocence to drive us forward when the divine child is present.

Platinum is my energy of choice for this process as it holds within it all of the 7 basic energy rays and frequencies.  It’s an incredible energy ray that can perfect, unify and clarify your unity, therefore bringing forward the infinite self.

So do you have that divine urge to unify once more?  True Wealth Awaits!


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Comet Ison – Masculine & Feminine energies raise their game

NASA MSFC handout shows Comet ISON in this five-minute exposure taken at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

In the last few hours the comet Ison (Comet from the Oort Cloud, a mysterious, icy region at the furthest reaches of our Solar System) Has collided or scraped past the Sun.  This comet has been another one of the stellar energetic influences that are assisting us in raising our own energies in this new age of Aquarius.  I feel that this is a cosmic representation of our masculine and feminine energies making another step closer to their Sacred union (hieros Gamos).  The icy representation of the frozen feminine energies which need to be melted/accepted by the masculine (sun) energy.  Over the past few days how have you been feeling?  Have masculine and feminine issues been coming up for clearing?  have you felt angry at the opposite sex?  Or angry at yourself?  Whatever energies have been stimulated by this cosmic alliance, need to be accepted, allowed and released!  Once released a new higher vibrational energy of love can enter and fill you up again.

Sky News Report on Comet Ison –  Some astronomers following Comet Ison’s close encounter with the Sun believe it may have met a fiery end.The comet is believed to have reached the star at a distance of just 727,000 miles at 6.37pm UK time.  It was expected to be met with temperatures of around 2,700C (4,892F).  Some astronomers watching the approach said it may have broken apart, after a secondary trail of dense particles appeared.  Karl Battams, astrophysicist and computational scientist based at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC, said: “It leaves me incredibly nervous “The secondary trail of what we believe is heavy and dense particles appeared earlier.”Officially labelled as Comet C/2012 S1, star-gazer had been looking forward to Ison reaching its closest point to the Sun – also known as the perihelion.

see link for full sky news report..http://news.sky.com/story/1174976/comet-ison-grazes-sun-astronomers-lose-track

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Moving from duality (polarity) into Trinity energy

imagesIn this experience that we call Earth, we have been running from programs and beliefs of duality (lessons/remembering) for the past few thousand years which have become entrenched into our energy system.  We now more than ever (even though we have always had this option) have the opportunity to release these old energies which are moving more and more into a state of redundancy.

This energy of duality can be transformed into unity by using the sacred energy of the trinity or power of three.  I’ll explain here using an archetypal dualistic energy that we can all relate to.

Victim – A person whose energy always feel that others control them and that they can’t seem to step out from being in an internal jail house.   A lower energy that believes power exists outside of them, therefore attracting in others whom are on the opposite polarity (aggressor) to teach/help remember their true state.

Aggressor – A person who wants to be mean or control others, it is in this control that they feel powerful.  This energy however is not their own and is stolen/given freely by the other party in the duality drama.  This state usually stems from a deep fear of not being in their power and feeling that their own power is not enough.

These two opposite poles are all part of the great cosmic game of achieving balance.  Can you step into your trinity power by being able to observe and understand these energies in relation to yourself. Where on this arc of polarity do you reside?   Are you in the position right now to step back and see both energies playing out?  Can you step into your own power of love and see these energies transform into light?

This is the trinity aspect, the third aspect of balance and loving power, it’s the zero point, the silence the Om & the NOW.  The time of duality is ending!  can you let go of those old dramas and create in the Now?


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The Noble Energy of Colloidal Silver

SilverAfter many years of working with the spiritual energy of the divine masculine and divine feminine, which we are all yearning to integrate once more, I synchronistically found the next part of my journey with two incredible energies in the form of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold.

First I started taking Colloidal Silver in a low dose of 10ppmm (parts per million). I initially started to take it as a parasite, fungus and pathogen cleanse for my whole body.  Now it’s pretty strong stuff and should be taken with respect and in small doses at first (just as with any new item to the body).

I could feel the energy of the silver going to the parts of my body that needed it the most and on a few occasions could actually feel physical twinges as it was killing nasty things in my body (weird hey).  So I now take it in a small dose as a daily tonic as I feel it is benefitting my body in thousands of ways.

Whenever I mention it to friends and they research it, their first question is.  “Will I turn Blue”.  As this is what crops up on search engines.  My answer to this is that the handful of cases who turned blue were either taking over 500ml a day or using a batch which was not fit for human consumption.

So when purchasing make sure it’s a reputable supplier.  Good suppliers make tiny nano particles of silver suspended in distilled water which can pass through the cell walls easily and excess passes out of the system in the normal methods.

But I can’t recommend this for human consumption as it can only be sold as a disinfectant/steriliser in the EU.  I’ll let you figure out whats going on there as I don’t want to get dragged into debate or debacle.  All I can talk about is my experience with it!

On a spiritual level I feel that the energy of the silver that is flowing through us has the ability to anchor in more of our light bodies and energies.  It’s like a cosmic magnet that assists in the anchoring in of our true selves.

Since I started taking it my colds, infections and illnesses have almost disappeared and I’m feeling much lighter as I know that many stubborn fungus’s, pathogens and bacterias have been removed from my body.

These are also reports from many therapists and scientist that this colloidal silver also kills most STD virus’s, HIV and hundreds of other nasties!   Now I’m not confirming or denying that just saying whats out there.  So who knows!!!   Is colloidal silver the energy of the divine feminine which can remove all disease (lack of love) from our lives.  Or is it just fantasy…….

Im sure if your an intuitive you already know what I feel on this subject.  But I will leave your descision to you!!

However If you are looking for a good supplier of this amazing disinfectant or more information please see www.thecolloidalcompany.com


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.  www.oriondiamond.me

Recent Solar Flare Activity

solar.flare_.2005For the past 3 weeks or so there has been another increase in Solar Flares that have been released from the Sun as our own Star is in the most active part of her cycle.  Releasing huge swathes of energy into the Solar system. Some of these heavenly energies are directed at the Earth and some are not which is why we feel some more than others.

I always find that when solar flares are hitting the Earth my phone signal keeps dropping, poor internet connectivity etc etc.  On a personal level I become restless and hyper charged not knowing what to do or where to put all of this extra energy.  I usually end up walking it off no matter of the time of day or night.

On an energetic level these flares are bringing in new codes of light which are assisting the Earth and ourselves to upgrade to the lighter energies of this New Age of Aquarius.

However these recent Flares post Autumn equinox seem to be different.  I’m actually enjoying them (wtf is that all about), which I never thought i’d say as before the Autumn Equinox they usually brought with them an emotional and mental releasing wave of doom which took me days to process.  It makes me now actually feel that my hard work has been done! As Solar Flares are carriers of light coding and will only hurt or bring up pain if it resides within you.

So here I am a feeling of being reborn once more.  I feel like engaging in Earthly pursuits once more and am more able to engage with people on a heart level.  This is the start of the new era, which is blowing my mind,  I’ve been feeling the waves of Ecstasy for 5 days now and am excited at what is yet to come as mercury is only just out of retrograde.

These are incredible times which we are entering and if your not feeling that ecstasy yet then keep on going as the effort is well worth it.



Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.  www.oriondiamond.me