Recent Solar Flare Activity

solar.flare_.2005For the past 3 weeks or so there has been another increase in Solar Flares that have been released from the Sun as our own Star is in the most active part of her cycle.  Releasing huge swathes of energy into the Solar system. Some of these heavenly energies are directed at the Earth and some are not which is why we feel some more than others.

I always find that when solar flares are hitting the Earth my phone signal keeps dropping, poor internet connectivity etc etc.  On a personal level I become restless and hyper charged not knowing what to do or where to put all of this extra energy.  I usually end up walking it off no matter of the time of day or night.

On an energetic level these flares are bringing in new codes of light which are assisting the Earth and ourselves to upgrade to the lighter energies of this New Age of Aquarius.

However these recent Flares post Autumn equinox seem to be different.  I’m actually enjoying them (wtf is that all about), which I never thought i’d say as before the Autumn Equinox they usually brought with them an emotional and mental releasing wave of doom which took me days to process.  It makes me now actually feel that my hard work has been done! As Solar Flares are carriers of light coding and will only hurt or bring up pain if it resides within you.

So here I am a feeling of being reborn once more.  I feel like engaging in Earthly pursuits once more and am more able to engage with people on a heart level.  This is the start of the new era, which is blowing my mind,  I’ve been feeling the waves of Ecstasy for 5 days now and am excited at what is yet to come as mercury is only just out of retrograde.

These are incredible times which we are entering and if your not feeling that ecstasy yet then keep on going as the effort is well worth it.



Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.


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