The Noble Energy of Colloidal Silver

SilverAfter many years of working with the spiritual energy of the divine masculine and divine feminine, which we are all yearning to integrate once more, I synchronistically found the next part of my journey with two incredible energies in the form of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold.

First I started taking Colloidal Silver in a low dose of 10ppmm (parts per million). I initially started to take it as a parasite, fungus and pathogen cleanse for my whole body.  Now it’s pretty strong stuff and should be taken with respect and in small doses at first (just as with any new item to the body).

I could feel the energy of the silver going to the parts of my body that needed it the most and on a few occasions could actually feel physical twinges as it was killing nasty things in my body (weird hey).  So I now take it in a small dose as a daily tonic as I feel it is benefitting my body in thousands of ways.

Whenever I mention it to friends and they research it, their first question is.  “Will I turn Blue”.  As this is what crops up on search engines.  My answer to this is that the handful of cases who turned blue were either taking over 500ml a day or using a batch which was not fit for human consumption.

So when purchasing make sure it’s a reputable supplier.  Good suppliers make tiny nano particles of silver suspended in distilled water which can pass through the cell walls easily and excess passes out of the system in the normal methods.

But I can’t recommend this for human consumption as it can only be sold as a disinfectant/steriliser in the EU.  I’ll let you figure out whats going on there as I don’t want to get dragged into debate or debacle.  All I can talk about is my experience with it!

On a spiritual level I feel that the energy of the silver that is flowing through us has the ability to anchor in more of our light bodies and energies.  It’s like a cosmic magnet that assists in the anchoring in of our true selves.

Since I started taking it my colds, infections and illnesses have almost disappeared and I’m feeling much lighter as I know that many stubborn fungus’s, pathogens and bacterias have been removed from my body.

These are also reports from many therapists and scientist that this colloidal silver also kills most STD virus’s, HIV and hundreds of other nasties!   Now I’m not confirming or denying that just saying whats out there.  So who knows!!!   Is colloidal silver the energy of the divine feminine which can remove all disease (lack of love) from our lives.  Or is it just fantasy…….

Im sure if your an intuitive you already know what I feel on this subject.  But I will leave your descision to you!!

However If you are looking for a good supplier of this amazing disinfectant or more information please see


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.


One thought on “The Noble Energy of Colloidal Silver

  1. Make sure to take some probiotics if you’re drinking colloidal silver. It kills the good bacteria as well as the bad.

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