Comet Ison – Masculine & Feminine energies raise their game

NASA MSFC handout shows Comet ISON in this five-minute exposure taken at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

In the last few hours the comet Ison (Comet from the Oort Cloud, a mysterious, icy region at the furthest reaches of our Solar System) Has collided or scraped past the Sun.  This comet has been another one of the stellar energetic influences that are assisting us in raising our own energies in this new age of Aquarius.  I feel that this is a cosmic representation of our masculine and feminine energies making another step closer to their Sacred union (hieros Gamos).  The icy representation of the frozen feminine energies which need to be melted/accepted by the masculine (sun) energy.  Over the past few days how have you been feeling?  Have masculine and feminine issues been coming up for clearing?  have you felt angry at the opposite sex?  Or angry at yourself?  Whatever energies have been stimulated by this cosmic alliance, need to be accepted, allowed and released!  Once released a new higher vibrational energy of love can enter and fill you up again.

Sky News Report on Comet Ison –  Some astronomers following Comet Ison’s close encounter with the Sun believe it may have met a fiery end.The comet is believed to have reached the star at a distance of just 727,000 miles at 6.37pm UK time.  It was expected to be met with temperatures of around 2,700C (4,892F).  Some astronomers watching the approach said it may have broken apart, after a secondary trail of dense particles appeared.  Karl Battams, astrophysicist and computational scientist based at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC, said: “It leaves me incredibly nervous “The secondary trail of what we believe is heavy and dense particles appeared earlier.”Officially labelled as Comet C/2012 S1, star-gazer had been looking forward to Ison reaching its closest point to the Sun – also known as the perihelion.

see link for full sky news report..

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