Moving from duality (polarity) into Trinity energy

imagesIn this experience that we call Earth, we have been running from programs and beliefs of duality (lessons/remembering) for the past few thousand years which have become entrenched into our energy system.  We now more than ever (even though we have always had this option) have the opportunity to release these old energies which are moving more and more into a state of redundancy.

This energy of duality can be transformed into unity by using the sacred energy of the trinity or power of three.  I’ll explain here using an archetypal dualistic energy that we can all relate to.

Victim – A person whose energy always feel that others control them and that they can’t seem to step out from being in an internal jail house.   A lower energy that believes power exists outside of them, therefore attracting in others whom are on the opposite polarity (aggressor) to teach/help remember their true state.

Aggressor – A person who wants to be mean or control others, it is in this control that they feel powerful.  This energy however is not their own and is stolen/given freely by the other party in the duality drama.  This state usually stems from a deep fear of not being in their power and feeling that their own power is not enough.

These two opposite poles are all part of the great cosmic game of achieving balance.  Can you step into your trinity power by being able to observe and understand these energies in relation to yourself. Where on this arc of polarity do you reside?   Are you in the position right now to step back and see both energies playing out?  Can you step into your own power of love and see these energies transform into light?

This is the trinity aspect, the third aspect of balance and loving power, it’s the zero point, the silence the Om & the NOW.  The time of duality is ending!  can you let go of those old dramas and create in the Now?


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.


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