When Three Become One – The Infinite Now

trinityThe power of the sacred trinities are coming more and more into our spheres of awareness, ancient triangulation of matter, frequency and sound which can assist us in the transformation of ourselves.

The trinity which I wish to discuss in this post is the union of the Sacred Masculine, Feminine and Inner Child which many of you on the spiritual path have done much work on/remembering.  Lots of work has been needed for many of us to accept old hurts, lessons, experiences in that upwards spiralling process of returning these three sacred aspects into their full light.

The work I have been doing lately has been all about introducing once more each of these separate energies to each other once more.  Letting them allow any old lower vibrations to be expressed and released in order for them to work together in union as one.

This process can take some work or could be instant, all depending on your path.  So can you try bringing all of those energies into a Triangle?  Lets make that connection once more and begin the merging process.

Remember we can only truly receive when we accept the full power of the divine feminine, We can only take Action from the heart when our masculine is loving and we only have the power of innocence to drive us forward when the divine child is present.

Platinum is my energy of choice for this process as it holds within it all of the 7 basic energy rays and frequencies.  It’s an incredible energy ray that can perfect, unify and clarify your unity, therefore bringing forward the infinite self.

So do you have that divine urge to unify once more?  True Wealth Awaits!


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.  www.oriondiamond.me


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