12-12 Energy Portal Approaches

Greetings everyone

We fast approach another portal date in this first year of our birth 2013.  I have a feeling (I may be wrong on this) that this one is going to be much lighter than the past few months and Is supposed to bring us into more alignment with our Soul.  The past few blasts from on high have been designed to knock stubborn resistance and misaligned soul fragments back into place, no matter how painful.  Which every single person I talk to has being going through.   So now that we have been bashed over the head and knocked back into a sort of more aligned although not complete state, this 12-12 opening will assist in caressing and fitting into place some lovely nice energies for us to play with (well i can’t wait for this one).

These new sparkly aspects are going to be returning one by one to integrate back into our ever expanding light bodies.  This integration will be for a few weeks which will take us to the CHRISTmas break.  So folks we need lots of Spiritual ME time to work out how to switch these new aspects on and off.  These are your christmas presents from on high (although a few weeks early)  but by christmas day you should be proficient in using at least one of them.  WOW!  How cool does this sound.  As I’m writing these words I have the most amazing feeling flowing through my body which usually means that this is an expression of truth flowing through my energy vehicle. Wooosssshhhhhh.  I feel that these gifts (for those whom have done/are doing their work) will make our crown centres incredibly active and possibly the ailment of dizziness will accompany a few of these gifts as they anchor and recalibrate within us.  So lots of deep breathing and grounding with this one folks!

NEWS – I am back being more active in the teaching circuit and have scheduled a few classes and workshops.  Please do take a look as there are some early bird discounts available right now.  Also my 12-12 distant energy session is available to book for those whom are feeling in their heart that this is for them.

12-12 Distant Energy Session –  This energy expansion will work to garner more of your light vehicle which has been left out in the cosmos ready for you to pick up once you had removed certain lower experiences which needed to be released.  I will be working with the higher beings of light and love whom wish to communicate through us and assist with our light body renal/remembering.  Oh and they are also telling me I’m going to channel an individual short personal message for each of you who books the session (oh I am am I) haha.  Woosssssh, This one feels like welcome to star command I am your cosmic guide Ryan and we are off on a light journey of a life time.  I hope to see you on board. Bing Bong  (last orders taken 11th December)  Time Midday 30 for minutes &  9pm for 30 minutes on 12/12/13 Cost £33 Click here to book…


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and authors credit, copyright and website is included.  www.oriondiamond.me


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