When it’s not OK

Puyehue-Volcano-ChileWhen life is not wonderful, it’s OK. It’s ok to take time out, to go into yourself and work out what energetic wires within are being cleared and upgraded. It’s also ok to express emotion in whatever way you feel necessary in order for that part of yourself to feel heard! Scream, run, dance, punch (not others), sing, cry, moan, meditate, breathe, but ensure that you ALLOW. You must allow in order for your own expressions of truth to be upgraded.

If this expression takes on the lower vibrations and they hurt like hell when releasing KNOW that this was a vibration that was at the bottom rung of your energetic ladder and once fully expressed gives you a vision of the next step up! WONDERFUL things await once we are clear of these lower expressions of our history.

Diamond Light Always – Ryan


2014 Tripping the Light Fantastic

We have finally entered the energy of 2014 after one of the most tumultuous, Painful, Exhilarating, Tearful, Incredible (feel free to enter your own words) years that mankind has ever been through on an energetic level.

The energies of 12-12-12 and 21-12-12 opened up an almighty whip which traversed with us awakened souls through most of 2013. lashing at us and pushing us forward releasing layer after layer of dross and energies of limitation which had ruled mankind for thousands of years.
For those awakened souls to whom I speak (you know who you are) Congratulations for Doing it, Congratulations for being it and Congratulations for sacrificing so much in order for love to take the reins once more. this process was well worth it and in the coming months and years you will really begin to feel this and know what you have achieved.
2014 Greeted us with the usual fireworks and releasing of the past year with the Energy of a Super NEW Moon which gave us our first cosmic blast. delivering the codes of enlightenment to the Gatekeepers whom will then issue them to the many.  I was very humbled to be a part of this process next to the Houses of Parliament in London where these codes were delivered in a short sacred ceremony assisted by many stellar beings of light.
Later outside the Bank of England where I was completing one of my last energetic contracts a man sat down next to me and pulled out a Rubix Cube which he completed whilst sat next to me.  Where I was told, many of you now are completing a level of contractual obligation which was decreed in co-operation with your soul.  As these contracts end more freedom and light will enter your vehicle in order to follow free love rather than contractual love.  This will mean different things to all of you but please take from this what you will.
So 2014 for those of you have been working on self for many moons will herald the start of many incredible works of love that will be designed by your own intentions!  How amazing is that?  So have you set those intentions? Can you feel what those things are? Do you have room in your life for them? So let’s get creating then folks, it’s our world to shape and shape it we must!
2014 for many (the sleeping souls) will signify their own grand awakening which they will need support through.  Some will meet this head on and some will decide to leave the planet at this time to continue their evolution somewhere else. Compassion from us awakened souls will be needed to assist in their transitions.
If 2013 was the year of our Aquarian Birth then 2014 is the year where we start to walk, the Energised Curious Child!  Learning as we physically experiment with these new energies and learn which are the best (most loving) ways to manifest and complete tasks in our lives.  Just as a toddler we may trip and fall, have the odd temper tantrum but with the love that is guiding us now we cannot fail to succeed in expressing our truth and our unique gifts.

That’s all for now, have a great first week of 2014 and I hope to see you real soon. – Ryan

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