When it’s not OK

Puyehue-Volcano-ChileWhen life is not wonderful, it’s OK. It’s ok to take time out, to go into yourself and work out what energetic wires within are being cleared and upgraded. It’s also ok to express emotion in whatever way you feel necessary in order for that part of yourself to feel heard! Scream, run, dance, punch (not others), sing, cry, moan, meditate, breathe, but ensure that you ALLOW. You must allow in order for your own expressions of truth to be upgraded.

If this expression takes on the lower vibrations and they hurt like hell when releasing KNOW that this was a vibration that was at the bottom rung of your energetic ladder and once fully expressed gives you a vision of the next step up! WONDERFUL things await once we are clear of these lower expressions of our history.

Diamond Light Always – Ryan


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