The Trinity of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh


Many of you will be aware of the 3 Magi and the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and the presentation of these gifts to the Baby Jesus. But what did they really mean?  What were there uses? and why do these 3 gifts hold such mysterious and magical qualities in stories told throughout time?

Over the years I have worked with all three energies and each one of them holds specific energies that can help us on our path back to Love. I love taking my Colloidal Gold which helps me in so many ways to open up to spirit and to assist in my bodes cellular transformation, every morning I love tasking a tablespoon of this wondrous tonic. I have also worked with Frankincense and Myrrh as a resin and oil to clear energies from rooms and to assist in helping me into a transcendental space to have visions. But never have I worked with all 3 until now.

My First experience with this mysterious trinity has really left me in a state of awe and wonder and Im excited about what else will unravel now that I have anchored this trinity into the physical plane.   I Ceremoniously anointed myself with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and then went deep into my being through meditation. I was told that this sacred trinity when used in the correct way (with love) is here to anchor and support the christ energies.  Now by christ energies I mean your higher self or your 5th dimensional being or which ever word feels right by you.

The smell of these divine oils were sending my being into another place and the colloidal gold running through my body felt like it was communicating with the higher self and starting to pull the energies down from on high.  Ecstasy is one word to describe it but in all honesty I don’t have a word that comes close to describing it.  I could also feel the Myrrh and Frankincense working through the systems of my body. I feel the two do slightly different things and work with the masculine and feminine within to balance and bring Grace forth.

My heart expanded greatly and i felt the divine nectar start to flow from on high. This is a procedure I will be repeating often to see what gifts and wonders it brings into my life.  Now if you do try this at home everyone will have a different experience as we are unique souls and are all at different levels of remembering.  So try to let go of my words before you do it so that it does not tarnish your own  experience.

Diamond Light – Ryan