3 Minutes of Love


Take 3 minutes right now, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and open your heart.  Fill your Auric field with Gold and Silver Light and let all be cleansed for you.  Now count to ten slowly and on each number make a positive affirmation about yourself or your life.  Once finish seal these affirmations with a loud OM (aum) chant.  Open your eyes and feel the difference.


Solar Eclipse 29/04/14 – “Corridor of Fire”

Greetings Stellar Souls

Well we have made it through the Lunar Eclipse and have traversed the Grand Cross energies.  Breaking our way out of some of the most entrenched programs and patterns that humankind have been existing from for aeon’s of time, the majority of you reading this are the ones who chose to break the limiting patterns of the earth in order for a new way to emerge, the way of the heart.

Guidance from the council of Orion & Lord Sananda –  Right now you are all at different stages of your missions and ascension process which looks very beautiful from where we sit in the higher dimensions as everything is perfect and in order.  For those of you whom are weary from this process we bring much love to you and ask you to keep going, as in truth there is no other way.  The light will permeate and activate every single cell of your body and all lower energies must be removed.  So sit in the sacred flames and let go of all that no longer serves you.  This will slip away much quicker now than you have previously experienced as the energies are much higher on planet earth.

The Solar Eclipse of 29/04 – We would like to term the “Corridor or fire” This eclipse propulsion is charged to clear huge corridors of light around the ones whom are ready for this stage of Ascension.  If you feel that your own spiritual guidance system has been upgraded in the last few weeks then we are talking directly to you now.  These corridors contain the ascension fires of your own Sun and all of the other Suns in the universe.  Many of your higher aspects will be returned in these corridors of light at a time that is perfect and right by you.  You have done much work over your past incarnations to get to this point, which indeed we knew you would always get to. It is now time to forget the details and let the Now moment reign supreme in your own personal universe and trust in all that is. As this is where your Heaven resides.  Integration of these corridors will continue until the summer solstice when your personal Empires of light will be seen once more. 

So it really does feel that it’s happening physically now and many changes within our bodies are happening every day.  So be wise at this time to take your body to higher levels of purification each day as light requires light.

Until next time Diamond Light as always!

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