Ecstasy come back to me NOW

ImageAs we traverse the energies currently assisting with upgrading our energetic bodies we sometimes forget that we are divine commander and chief of our own realities.  Although we must go through releasing these layers of separation and karma, no one said we can’t have some fun whilst doing it.

So if you have a spare few minutes right now, put on your favourite song, sing from your heart and dance from your soul. Set the intention to shake off what holds you back and bring in the divine ecstasy which resides within and expand your heart.

Could you imagine if everybody on the planet did this at the same time?  A huge Earth shift would occur indeed and shift so much from our planet that we really would accelerate our planetary ascension.


Rebalance your energy body NOW with 4 breaths

Centre yourself and become still then :Image

1st Breath – Fill every single cell in your physical body with white light and say CLEAR.

2nd Breath – Fill your emotional body (1-2 Feet outside of your physical body) with Silver & Green light and Say EMPOWER.

3rd Breath – Fill your mental body (2-3 Feet outside of your physical body) with Gold and Indigo Light and say EXPAND.

4th Breath – Fill your spiritual body (3-4 feet outside your physical body) with Diamond and Platinum Light and Say I AM.

Take now a minute to let these energies settle and go forth in your day!

Diamond Light – Ryan

Post Eclipse Melding of Bodies

ID-10064980-300x199For the next week or so we are really starting to feel the physical effects of the double eclipse and cardinal grand cross alignment which we have just left.  Our physical bodies are always the last parts to upgrade and meld as they at present hold the densest vibration. So it’s time to increase to another octave our efforts to love ourselves.  Indeed to become spiritually selfish while we work out who we are once more readying ourselves for the next external push (which is also an inner expansion).

How can I love myself more?  IS the question flowing out of my throat and over my lips and how can I love myself in each and every NOW moment with all of this transformation that is going on?  Magical questions indeed that your heart has the answer to. So again open your heart again and again and sit within the eternal stillness of your soul to expand into YOU.

How do I cope with the old patterns of releasing that come up?  Simply Allow, Express and let go!  (yes easier said than done I know).  Why not build yourself an etheric room of releasing which has within a luxurious bed a plethora of healing beings and all of the coloured rays of the universe to sooth all levels of your body and assist in the Perfecting of you.  Ensure the Violet Flame has a big part of this room as this is the energy that transmutes and accelerate the old patterns.   But just ensure you LOVE yourself there is no other way!

Am I lonely or Alone?  As we progress along our journey we lose a lot of old co dependant relationships once we heal the torment of our karmic bonds, so at points we will feel the pang of loneliness before new souls arrive in our lives.  If you are at this point know that you are doing a good job and all is well for you right now.

As we progress to the next full moon many of you seasoned light workers will feel a different charge from this releasing full moon.  It feels to me right now that we will be releasing higher aspects which reside in places far away, a cosmic treasure hunt if you like.  I’m feeling treasure is enrolute for many right now.  Creation is the key word that sticks in my third eye as i type, so the gifts of being able to create once more from divine love feels quite right at this time.

Diamond Light – Ryan