Summer Solstice Approaches

Hello All

We are now on the build up for the lightest day of our year, the Summer Solstice.  The day when balance of night and day / light and dark is achieved.  This one is going to pack a punch!  I’m being told to show you a few of Lord Sananda’s words from the last update  at the time of the eclipse to assist with what I will be explaining about the Solstice energy.

The Solar Eclipse of 29/04 – We would like to term the “Corridor or fire” This eclipse propulsion is charged to clear huge corridors of light around the ones whom are ready for this stage of Ascension.  If you feel that your own spiritual guidance system has been upgraded in the last few weeks then we are talking directly to you now.  These corridors contain the ascension fires of your own Sun and all of the other Suns in the universe.  Many of your higher aspects will be returned in these corridors of light at a time that is perfect and right by you.  You have done much work over your past incarnations to get to this point, which indeed we knew you would always get to. It is now time to forget the details and let the Now moment reign supreme in your own personal universe and trust in all that is. As this is where your Heaven resides.  Integration of these corridors will continue until the summer solstice when your personal Empires of light will be seen once more. 

Wow! I had as always forgotten what I had written a few months back.  An Empire of Light – sounds pretty impressive hey?  Now as always i’m never sure exactly how this is going to unravel but it feels like the past 6 weeks or so has been building up the light within our energy fields on all levels and all dimensions in all realities.  Which is a colossus of a task!!!!  So there is no wonder that we have all been experiencing new levels of being washed on super sonic spin dry.  My new term of the month is TWIRED! (feels a new hashtag craze coming on)  Tired and wired like I have been plugged in at the same time.  It’s a strange sensation that you can only really surrender to and let the process that is happening within you.   I’m sure you will all have your own similar symptoms which you have pet names for 😉

Alongside being Twired, time (CRONOS and CRONE) seems to be ending within my own spectrum!  Here I mean all that has held me into this time and space continuum is being let go of and released.  I have been sent to many areas to assist in this letting go of time over the past few months, assisting with the Earth energy recalibration.  This is all being done so that we can start to create from a blank canvas, without being affected by our multiple pasts.

Before we hit the Solstice we have another full moon to navigate our way through and we are also in another mercury retrograde where we will be reassessing communication and how we perceive the world around us.

On the Solstice we will be downloaded with new/ancient frequencies which will deluge us with more light and assist us with being commander in chief of our own Empire of light.  Now when I say commander in chief I mean your I AM Presence or your god self is in charge and not your lower personality.  So Love is indeed taking over the SHOW.   This is what will enable a new wave of Avatara Way showers to step forward, the guard is indeed changing! and those who come from a place of pure love are getting ready to step forward.  I do feel that many of our spiritual inspirations will start to fall away as something much higher and lighter is moving forward!

This week I will be doing a “Stellar Rebirth” Distant Transmission on Saturday 9pm for 1 hour, please see transmissions page if you are wanting to invest in this transmission.

Until next time Diamond Light as always!

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