Solstice Approaches – Releasing Controls

IMG_0042As we approach the Solstice the energy is building at a tremendous rate (this is my second post on this energetic powerhouse please see main page for first post), for some the pressure is almost unbearable as the heart expands pushing all that was fearful out of the system at a rate we have never seen before.  It is important to keep Allowing, Feeling and letting go of all that is no longer serving you.  As we all know pain that is hidden doesn’t usually just disappear it has to be expressed in order for the lessons to be learnt and understood.

Over the past few days those of us at the intense stages of our ascension have been clearing out all forms of control that are not 100% loving (as experienced from our own heart).  It’s a pretty intense process as we are clearing all those teachers, therapies, friends, healing practices, beliefs, emotions etc etc that are somehow still controlling us not from 100% light.  But if your reading this and you are not ready to let go of teachers or therapies etc etc then thats also ok, it’s just where your at right now thats important to you.   Now it’s pretty intense as some of those therapies, teachers etc are quite possibly 99% correct for you!  but they are not 100% right!  So this is the period you are sorting the wheat from the chaff and working out where your love resides in all things.

So dig deep, review everything from the eyes of your heart and see with a new loving vision of what is right for you!  In doing this you start to embody your own magnificence as magnificence is a personal/creator self energy.  Take back your RIGHT and Open up to your own divine Incredible.

Have fun chaff sorting and prepare your wings, your OWN wings …  Diamond Light – Ryan

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