Post Eclipse News – The Divine Constant

beautiful_diamondGreetings Everyone – What a week it has been.  The Solstice brought us to a new point in our Earth Journey where for many time constraints have loosened or fallen away from us, taking away the limitations that our own personal timeline has held us in.  For some they are still working upon this but the knot has definitely been loosened for all of us.  The light bearers whom have been freed from this time energetic in full are now free to step forward and start to be the magnets of love that humanity will be lovingly drawn towards, this feels like something much different than before, This leading magnetic quality does not feel controlling in any way, it feels very easy and integral to my heart and will assist the masses in so many ways!

Divine Constancy is my inner words of the week and here are the words that flow with it, see if your feeling this one is for you or not.  “During the Solstice period many of you that are ready have been delivered a much higher energies as you are the ones whom will hold the energy of divine constancy as the planet awakens at a much faster rate.  This was decreed before your incarnation to have huge soul generators of peace though out the planet to hold the vibration and support the diamond grids as much turbulence will be created as the ways of fear express and fall away.”

As always after a huge energetic day we are in recalibration mode as the frequencies and vibrations issued and released need integration time to become one with our physical vessel. So don’t get too disturbed if it takes a week or two to full get going (we are ll ell used to this one by now).  Today we enter the new Moon Energy which I feel holds some completion codes and energies which will also be delivered into our auras to assist in completing what the solstice started.

Also Today I am Launching my Diamond Light Activations!  I was issued with these energetics over a year ago and have been cradling their wondrous energies until now.  I know many of you will love receiving these energies as they will unlock much potential within you and open your hearts to new levels.  My only disclaimer with this is “you have to be feeling it”  and by God you will if you choose these sessions of divine love 😉 More…

Until next time Diamond Light as always! Ryan

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