Return of the Goddess

hathoor-mainA cryptic message from my friend a few days before the Eclipse started an inner rumbling within my being.  The message read “Heart-stone awakens, Isis Goddess ancient portal”.  A perfect cryptic clue for the week that followed.  I knew something huge was happening within the universe and that we were all in for an energetic shake up of a proportion not seen before.

I spent the Solstice on the beach with friends activating ancient Geometric energies and portals of the Star Gate. It was a super charged day full of light and fun with a cosmic reading that blew me away.  I knew being this high usually means that the days ahead will be a deep recalibration process. So from the Solstice until this day I have been to the depths of despair and to the heights of the stars and back again numerous times.   The energy flowing through my body is an honour to behold and feel.

During this time of sacred recalibration I became aware of a female figure in my minds eye of a beautiful feminine form that was covered in seaweed, looking like she had risen from the ocean. The sea weed was my sign of the weeds which needed to be removed from her in order for her to flourish once more (aka 4 days of doom and gloom, whilst the old energetics release).

So now we are in the energy of the new moon, many of us now will start to actually physically create the world which we love to be a part of!  The goddess has now returned and will assist in many ways opening up vortexes and portals of love to assist all those whom are working from the heart of creation.  You may see the goddess as ISIS, Mary, Kuan YIN, Divine Mother, Nematoma etc etc.  IT doesn’t really matter on which aspect of the feminine you work with as long as you are rooted in your heart.

From the New moon to 7-7 (7th July 2014) we will be in the early stages of co-creation, which feels incredible even though I don’t fully have the details yet!  But who cares about details when it feels this good from the heart.

So my advice to all is keep expanding your heart as much as your body can handle every day until the 7-7 portal date where blessings will abound. If your feeling like getting out there and activating some more light, then do so!

Until next time Diamond Light as always! Ryan

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4 thoughts on “Return of the Goddess

  1. This resonates so deeply – as well as my Solstice experience being very similar, with the ‘birth’ of a new Colour Matrix Essence on that very day – She is ISIS! Since then there has been a new energy and intensity around me…Thank you for this confirmation. Blessings Ashtara

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