Sacred Orgasms to bring wealth, creativity & prosperity


We are all well aware of the birds and the bees and how our selves were initially created, but do any of us realise the power of orgasmic propulsion which enabled our physical creation? With the recent Mercury and other planetary retrogrades (which make us go within ourselves to work out some stuff), I have been delving deeper into my being and unpicking those aspects which are still there restricting my prosperity and creativity. Top of the list was how we were created!

Questions started to form in my head about the initial energy that created me and how it has influenced me through my life. How were my parents feeling when they made love to create me? Were they feeling true love, or was there mind wandering? Were they living in lack consciousness at the time? Was this just stress relief? Was it through duty and not love? The questions in my head went on and on and by the depth of my feeling I knew there was some aspect of me that needed realigning. I hope at this point this will benefit you in some way and create one of those aha moments!  This took some deep meditation and self love to resolve and bring back to alignment.

I’m well aware also that I chose my parents as being perfect for my experience this time around and I accept that my soul had lessons to learn from how they were feeling at the time of my creation. So I then started to work out how my creation had influenced my orgasms and relationships throughout my life, with many various partners popping into my head at different stages of my life. It brought up a deluge of baggage which came up for clearing, as it had not been energetically dealt with at the time of happening. The feeling of emancipation was flowing through my body as I just accepted, acknowledged and then released what had been show to me. I could feel more of my own energy returning to me through the ether, with parts of my soul zipping back from many places in time ready to be owned once more.

Finally after a few days of processing, I was ready to realign back into the present the power of my own orgasm. A process of self love that removes all fear, all judgement and all conditioning to allow your creator self back in.  Love, Love, Love!  I’ll not delve into this one to much, but you get the idea. The process is a very powerful remembrance that some souls will be able to do on their own and others will need the help of a healer or energy therapist.  If you do trust in your heart to find the right person whom is filled with love and compassion, make sure they give a good feeling and definitely make sure that they shine from within.

This process of remembering is a great place to start to bring in prosperity in all forms.  Who knew 2 minute orgasms were possible (in a man).  This is only the beginning for humankind once we really have a grasp of the power of love and creation through orgasm we will be enlightened once more and all that is will be within as it has always been.

Diamond Light as always – Ryan

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