Full moon reunification

full-moon-april_650x366At the time of every full moon our soul prepares us for another whol(e)ing procedure where we surrender to the cosmic energies of the full moon. Lunacy becomes the word of choice in hospitals, bars, nightclubs and on the roads. Lunacy being the energy of the moon pushing out our lessons, fears and issues so that they can be expressed in order to become whole once more.

I myself during these latest full moons have been dealing with core wounds which hurt like hell as they come up for expression!  During the expression process you just have to surrender to it and allow the old pattern/fear to come out and feel heard.  Once it is heard you can take that part of yourself back into your heart to become whole once more.  Sometimes this lasts minutes and sometimes much longer, it just depends on what you are dealing with on your path right now.

So if you can on the full moon, take some time in meditation to connect from your heart to the heart (crystal core) of the moon and allow a silvery white energy to build between you.  Feel the moon becoming a part of you and bath in the energies that you are receiving.  Ask for guidance here on what needs to be dealt with this time around so that your light can grow stronger.  Fell your heart expanding as you become stronger bathing in this silvery white light.  Stay here for as long as you need and just allow changes to happen.  When you are finished offer thanks and gratitude and disconnect.

If you go through a releasing process during this time then just connect again to this wondrous energy and ask for assistance allowing this old energy to be felt and then released from your system.  Know that you are always protected and you are just shedding your old skins ready for the light days ahead.

Diamond Light- Ryan

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