08-08 Lions Gate Infinity Portal

hathoor-mainSo here we are at another step on the ladder of remembrance to our true selves, boy oh boy does this ladder seem like a beast to climb some of the time! It’s been another few weeks of polarity based energetics as we continue scarping the barrel for remnants of shadow which need to be loved. Many of whom I have spoken to, including myself over the past few weeks have again been delving into the inner child and working out those deepest unloved parts which still remain unloved. No wonder we left these until last, as they are so painful and have knocked many of us of centre, as they work into wholeness again. If you are still in this process much love is sent your way as I know how tough this part is!

New Pathways – In the last 48 hours I have had quite a few signs that new pathways of light are being created within us, which are much quicker and lighter than we have ever experienced. These pathways bring much new information and the next level of our truth, which is to be experienced! This one feels great and I feel these will activate upon or just after 08-08 portal.

08-08 Portal – This is one of my favourite days of the year, where I love receiving the new codes that come on double codon portal dates. This one is slap bang in the middle of the Lions Gate Portal where the sun is in Leo and shines down with a mighty roar into our energy fields. For those whom have been diligently working away on themselves this will be another level of freedom for you to experience, which will feel much more different from before.
You will be lifted up higher now, so that the lower vibrations do not influence your field of creation as much as they were before. This has something to do with the heart energy merging into the thymus (above) and the Diaphragm (below) which are all linked with our immunity and our respiration systems.   Oh i am very much looking forward to this one!

For those of you are still in the thick of it, or just need an extra boost then please join us for the 08-08 distant preparation sessions, which will be working to unhook you from old patterns aon 06&07 August  allow a deep release and remembering to clear the vessel ready for 08-08. Click here for full details…

I’ll see you after the 08-08 Diamond loving Light as always! Ryan

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