Soul System Defragmentation

The_core_of_the_massive_compact_star_cluster_in_NGC_3603Over the past few weeks of traversing the energetics of the Lions Gate Portal we have been going through a systematic defragmentation process which occurred as part of the Opening of the Lions Gate Portal on 08-08.  Just the same as a computer which is going through a defrag process, whirring and clicking as files are deleted and shifted to make optimum space for new material to be downloaded.

This process feels enormous and is working with all of your soul aspects, life experiences, multi dimensional self, all star aspects and universal aspects, the its go’s on…  So my dear friends if you are feeling fragmented, discombobulated, out of sync, one moment ready to conquer the world and the next been consumed by it, then that is what is going on!  Another pain in the arse necessary part of the process in returning into love I’m afraid!  The question constantly circling my awareness during this is “did i really sign up for this?”  Apparently I did along with many of you who read these updates!

So as I’m feeling it the system defrag will start to slow down about the new moon which we are just coming into.  I would love to be in a state where I can thank the Lions Gate portal for all of its help, but I’m up and down like a yo-yo and right now I’m not feeling it!  I’m sure ill be fully loved up again soon though, fingers crossed!

During this powerful portal energetic many more people are waking up and more and more souls decide its their time to move over into the non physical realms.  The Robin Williams energetics has whacked another load of “coming to terms with themselves” energy to those whom are newly awakening. Many of us have been having suicidal energetics wave through us to release as the unhappiest parts of ourself and the planet are purged (is anyone else thinking why did we choose this, absolute f***in nutters we are!!)

Also we have the Icelandic Volcano stirring for another shift which will affect us all deeply. It’s interesting that so much seismic activity is coming from this area, as many years ago it whilst working astrally between Iceland and Greenland I discovered the what was dormant energy of the Rainbow ray.  So Rainbow energy is prevalent within the Icelandic region.  Incidentally it’s a region of people power where after the banking meltdown, they have made many changes to move in new ways.  I have a feeling a golden age once resided upon those pieces of land way before Atlantis, could this be a new power centre for us to work with?

As I look into the energy of the New Moon I can see a calm lake before it with not a ripple upon the surface.  This will be a time of still contemplation and recovery.  But the water feels like it has changed and has an energetic viscosity about it.  Almost like we can see much more through it than we could before.  It’s like the water can enhance our true sight.  It feels very supportive and kind which will definitely be gratefully received.  I’m also hearing that manifesting will take on a different angle also which is all to do with “recognition”.  I’m not fully aware of what this means but I’m sure more will follow on the next update.

To assist those whom are still needing help in releasing the deep patterns of limitation I am doing a Trinity series of distant healings to recognise and shift those old energies. The first healing starts on Tuesday 26th August with a three day gap between both of the others.  Please send me an email once booked going through what you would like help releasing during the 3 sessions. Can you please write a time for the sessions to be sent on the dates listed also.

Alongside working with your email of what we are working to release I will be working with specific parts of the energy system during each system.
1st session – Nervous System recalibration and upgrade.  26th August
2nd session –  Blood & DNA clearing   29th August 
3rd Session –  Endocrine system and Chakra Clearing 01st September

Cost £77 Click to book…

Full instructions will be sent closer to the 1st session






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