Remembering in 2014

IMG_2300_Edit_blogRemembering – is where we begin to undo all of the karmic knots through many lifestreams that we have become entangled in, work out whom we have temporarily given our power to or contracted to them, clear our time streams of all residual energy not yet transmuted, remember the shadow by loving it back into alignment which purifies the masculine/feminine and inner child and we remember the higher aspects of ourself within the stars and galaxies which are all working on behalf of the Oneness of all.

It’s a pretty colossal task! which takes many many layers of releasing cycles!  Where all of the lower energies need transmuting into Love. Sometimes these old energies disappear from our auric fields with ease and grace and other times they take forms of expression such as anger, tears, hysteria, shame, guilt, stress, distrust, fear!  which can shake us to our very core, but it is only by total surrender of the held disturbance to express itself can we really let go of the lesson which we are remembering.

Firstly we need to Acknowledge the energy.

Secondly Accept it and forgive yourself and open your heart.

Then Allow it’s expression to release the blockage.

Then Integrate it and allow love to fill the void which has been made.

This process has billions of outcomes dependant upon what our soul has chosen to clear and what indeed we need to remember. Sometimes it is our own baggage, sometimes ancestral/family karma that we chose to clear, sometimes it’s much more than that.

We can learn many techniques to help us get through these releasing and remembering cycles which are great, but the one constant in all of them is that we have to open our hearts wider each time to love ourselves fully and unconditionally. The only healer is indeed yourself and you are the only one whom can heal.  Now there are many people around you whom can assist and show support. Many light workers have incredible gifts and light codes which can assist you in this releasing process but they can’t do it for you!

So in this colossus of awakening year of 2014 many already awakened souls are in their final releasing phases and millions of souls whom are starting to awaken are at the beginning of their remembering process. It’s a time where negative emotions and patterns are flying are prevalent in our societies as everything is placed upon the table of the earth to release. Compassion and love is the key to assisting us all in moving more into our truth.

Discernment is key in everything that you do and only do it if your feeling it, don’t be afraid to buck the trend and not go along with what someone says (even if they are a spiritual teacher) if your not feeling it! Remember you are unique and are following your own path, your heart is the only one that knows the best route for your path. Your heart will at times lead you into painful situations, but if your heart has led you there then it’s the quickest way to release the blockage that needs to go in  order for the good stuff to arrive.

So whatever stage you at in this process, hold fast to your heart and do your best to expand daily into your truth. After each releasing cycle you will be reborn energetically and feel like a new person. Many rebirths will happen in this year if you keep on following your heart.

Diamond light – Ryan

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