Loving our Depths

images-3We Now need to plunge deeper, deeper than we ever have before into our being! This work is imperative to produce the impeccable self that we have to anchor in order to hold the new vibrations of creation available to us. We must open up into the deep recess’s of our heart, opening up vital new channels of energy that will assist us on our path. We must encounter and release the blocks of our old selves to increase flow into each and every meridian and light pathway.

We must become adept in our daily lives at opening that heart centre and flooding each and every one of our 700 trillion cells with this deep love.  A simple and easy way to do do this is – see light from your heart, allowing it to expand and flooding your body with light until each cell of your body is shining and you can see yourself as a luminous being of light.  Each time you do this, something will shift in your life!  You will become stronger each and every time you do this.

Every time we go deeper into our heart/core energetics, we access new truths to be integrated and old energies that need realigning with this supreme force of love. Sometimes this brings up challenges and fears to be purged, or waves of love like we have never experienced before. It’s a little bit of a cosmic lottery what is going to come up each time you plunge deeper, but rest assured that if it’s coming up it means that you are ready to deal with it and what it brings!  Remember that it is our souls intention to be in total love and clarity, so all that is not love must be released.

Deeper we must go, Deeper we go, Deeper I go

When we become stronger from the heart level we are able to shift more energies and we are able to bring up old energies that so far in this life we have not been strong enough to deal with.  These shadow energies are the undercurrents of your limitation and must be acknowledged and accepted then realigned into the light. These are parts of ourselves that have existed in the universe for so long, that they feel like they are us.  They are entwined like a vine into our deepest recesses, living off of our life force as if everything is in order!

We must clear these shadows so that our energy reserves and vitality can increase.  It is these shadows that are really a huge gift! Although the lower personality of ourselves doesn’t like dealing with them.  Because guess whats hiding behind these shadows?  Your light! Those massive energies of light that are here to fulfil your Truth on this planet!  These shadows may terrify you and shake you to your core but once they have been Loved back into Alignment and transformed you will have embodied the warrior of light stage in your journey.

We all have the supreme ability to deal with our own shadows, but for some you may need the help of a Light worker whom specialises in aligning the Shadow.  Again there is no recommendation I can make for you here but tune into your heart and see what happens.

Diamond Light – Ryan

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The Path of the Diamond Light

beautiful_diamondIn the early years of the new energies of Earth since the 2012 portal passed, we became aware of many new energies which we can be utilised for our path back to love. One of those energies is the Diamond light of unconditional love. This is the path I have always known I would be taking back to the source of creation, but only recently did I start to feel the magnitude of the transformations that would be required to complete this task my Soul chose to achieve.

To take this path a supremely loving decision has to be taken if this is the path for you? When you make that decision from your heart and soul to follow the path of the Diamond your life will change forever! That decision means that you have chosen to let go of everything that is not Love.  

Now this is a pretty big statement! Imagine how much energy this even involves? It means releasing every kind of fear we have ever chosen to experience, letting go of every conditional love we have garnered and all shadow emotions, thoughts, behaviours of all aspects of our soul! 

We need to be fully complete and whole in order to BE this energy which is our undeniable truth.

Every aspect of our soul from all realms, dimensions and existences throughout creation has to be called back into wholeness. We require the sacred 144,000 energy back within us and be free flowing mastery with sacred geometry, frequencies, numerology, and colour ray vibrations. By doing this we become Sound and resolute in our truth which is immovable by all other forces. We become Sorcerer’s of our own creation!

The Diamond Energy is 12th Dimensional and above. Most people on the planet right now are in the NOW moment of dealing with their 3rd to 6th Dimensional Aspects. It is vitally important to clear all 3rd and 4th dimensional misalignments in order for the physical changes to start to manifest in your life, which is the “EnLightening Process”. Once you have balanced and empowered your 3rd and 4th Dimensions then Life starts to fill with love and things start to get incredible. Once you are beyond the 5th Dimension, there are no words created yet for how awesome things will get. We definitely will have to write a new dictionary.

The Diamond energy works at light speed and polishes the facets of your Diamond quickly! Old energies fall away quickly as each aspect is polished. This for some can be quite painful as the releasing happens as the Diamond only knows love and just pushes up lower/fear energies for clearing at light speed. You will only be given as much as you can handle at once though, your spiritual guidance system will make sure of this. So don’t fear being given too much! Know that this clearing process must take place in order for the facet of the Diamond to become polished.  

Some Souls choose the Diamond Energy straight the way as they feel that it is home for them.  Others choose other energies to traverse and master before working with the Diamond Ray Frequencies.  These other rays include the Silver Ray (Divine Feminine), Gold Ray (divine masculine), Platinum Ray (cosmic service, balance and communication ray), and Rainbow Ray (Blending Ray of higher truth).  All of which are incredible energies which I have worked with for a long time and have devised Distant Activations which are available to assist souls in there remembering process. I will talk more on these other energies in Future Posts.  Today though is starting at the highest love we can imagine “Diamonds Are forever”! 

Diamond Light – Ryan 

Copyright © 2014, Orion Diamond. Diamond Attuner and a Master of the Rays. All rights reserved www.oriondiamond.me feel free to share this content with others – post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. – but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler.