Climbing, then descending on the Spiritual Ladder

82732042When we start upon the spiritual ladder we often find ourselves working from the level of our chakras to give as an understanding of the separate mini vortexes of energy which need rebalancing within us.  This is a journey that many take working from the root chakra climbing the spine until they reach the crown chakra at the top of our heads. During this journey we rebalance layer upon layer of karma, separation and fear which have to be brought back into alignment with our true essence which is love.

Then usually for a few years or more (much less for the NEW children) we are in a period of deep excavation shedding the ways of old (fear) and aligning with Love in our lives.  Bouncing from chakra to chakra working through our Head based patterning in a continual state of letting go and absorbing more love into our lives.  After a colossal amount of realigning work we reach a certain quota of light within us and are able to hold a base level frequency, which you can’t drop down from again. I liken this to playing a computer game where you reach a certain level and never have to start from level one again, your always starting from a higher base!

At this point your energies can reach up out of the crown chakra and absorb some of the cosmic vibrations which you came to Earth to deliver.  This is different for each of us and can be life altering or very calm and peaceful, dependant upon what our cosmic energies consist of.  This part of the process can take minutes or years which again is totally down to your souls instruction.

Now here is where the fun begins! You now have the task of grounding this energy into the Earth so that you can fully ground it into your reality to work with it in your lives.  So it has to pass through all of your chakras on the way down.  Again this can happen in any order and may even bounce around like a pin ball wizard game many times before the ball of energy drops right down into the Earth.  This game of pinball wizard can produce incredible highs when you hit the soul gifts and it can produce staggering lows when you hit upon core vibration issues which still have to become whole within.

“Staggering lows”Now hold your horses!  Your going to ask me why are we going to experience staggering lows when bringing this incredible cosmic energy into the world for the good of all??

Well here’s my experience of it and again it’s just my experience so please do use your own hearts discernment when reading this part.

In our souls plan we saved the deepest and darkest parts of ourself for Last!  For a few reasons, the first is we wouldn’t have had the energy within us to deal with them if they came up for realignment when we were in the first phase of releasing.  Meaning we would have done serious damage to ourselves and maybe others around us if these core issues came up too soon.  Secondly, we needed the opportunity to test our new love vibrations so that we could see how much quicker we can bring ourself back into the vibration of love after each core issue is released.  Finally it’s all a case of divine timing and we all are linked with the journeys of many souls and sometimes we have to wait until all the souls are in place for these energies to align.

Once we have fully grounded our incredibleness then the fun really begins!  we start to embody and act upon our truth.  It’s where the energies engage with our feet and allow us to walk our talk.  Something that we have all struggled with during this ascending and descending process due to the lack of grounding that existed within.  This is where potentials can be actualized as they have been accepted within the earth and can now be delivered in a human and grounded way to all.  Rather than a cosmic and flighty energy which we have all dealt with before which never really had any grounding or earth felt power behind it.

Many souls have been embodying the warrior energies to defeat the collective fear with this planet to bring us to this point, much has been surrendered and sacrificed to make this sacred task possible.  So for many you are on the precipice of greatness as you start to walk in synchronisation with your truth.  These are intense and magical days in which we live.  The question is can you remain in your heart whilst the world transforms around you?

Much love – Ryan