Mad March’s Solar bombardment into the Eclipse

o-SOLAR-ECLIPSE-SPACE-facebookIn my last post I described the March energies as “Mad as a March Hare”.  Well I think I hit the nail on the head as we approach the equinox and Solar Eclipse/NEW moon on Friday 20th March.  We really are traversing such huge cosmic energies that it’s a challenge for most to stay centred right now.

For the past few weeks the Sun has been extremely active and releasing high energy solar flares.  We have had many X Class (strongest) and M Class flares in the past few weeks.  The symptoms within us when receiving these high energy blasts are different for us all but in general.  Emotional outbursts, confusion, not feeling in our bodies, extreme tiredness, wanting to hide from the world, skin irritation, incredible thirst and lack of appetite to name but a few.  This solar energy goes right into the atomic core of our cells and assists in the letting go of many old energetics that need to be let go of, in order for us to feel the new energies which are available to us.  So during this time being gentle with yourself is the only way to get through them.  Make sure you stay well hydrated and lots of water based activities which really do help.

DNA Activations – During this Solar High period much of your latent DNA will be activated and you will start to change at a cellular level.  This process has been occurring for many years, but in the past month or so we have moved into the fast lane of this transformation.  Personally I am going through such shifts within, that I actually have no words to describe them right now.  I’m going with the flow, but this flow is like riding a waterpark death slide which has incredible highs and mind altering turns Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Inner Child – Many of you reading this whom have been doing this inner work for many years, are finally dealing with the CORE (ouch) Wounding of your childhood.  Which has until now been unaccessible.  This was for a very good reason as you would not have been able to deal with it until NOW.  So drop into that inner child and see what final tweaks (colossal energies which have influenced our life from day 1) need to be made to ensure you are in full alignment.  Remember NO stone can be left unturned!

GOLDEN Kundalini – Also the seasoned light beings (The Forerunners) are at the beginning points of accessing the Golden Kundalini energy.  By this I mean you are ready to be GOLDEN (christ like) in your Activation of this divine energy.  That you are ready to access this energy held in the temple of the sacrum chamber BONE and use it responsibly, now that you have cleared out most of your spinal blocks and clutter.  This is such an exciting topic for me!  I worked very deeply with the Kundalini energy in 2010 and had some incredible experiences, so I’m very excited that it feels like its time again to raise our GOLDEN Serpent within.

IT’s an exciting week, where I have lots of things going on.  So I hope to see you at one of the meetings that are scheduled for this week as Magic is going to happen!  Speak soon and have an incredible time. REMEBER to do your NEW moon intentions on the Eclipse as the power is amplified like a flaming collosus!

Much love – Ryan
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