Pink Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) 4:4 Portal UPDATE

Today is the Big One which has had the usual tumult of a build up to this energy, where many of you have been in the usual releasing modes! So today is the day where we buckle up (ground) and open up (surrender) to an even deeper level. It is upon this day that your futures will be made manifest. Your higher self has been positioning itself into perfect alignment for this time. The next chapter of your Souls Journey is about to be downloaded into your vehicle of light and for some of you more of your light vehicle will be delivered. I’m feeling that a Merkaba spin meditation would be an excellent way of letting this light in during the eclipse time. 

So whatever you end up doing, try going deeper, accepting more of YOU and being the CREATOR that you are. This for the pioneers/warriors of the last decade, is the “end of world energetic” which is not a portent of doom but a individual statement for your I AM self. This is where time and relationship takes on a whole new meaning.

The shedding of time from your energy spheres is a process of unwinding and has to start at where time began for you! This may be right back when the planet was created or this schism of duality/experience was made manifest. For my the past few days have been revisiting and releasing/unwinding this in its entirety. From now until the next new moon the unwinding will be rapid and many physical as well as energetic changes are being made. Your nervous system is being altered into the codons of pre dualistic light and many of your eating/drinking habits will change during this time. As always you are the chief of your own ship and must follow your internal guidance as what to do which fits your own reality.

The Return to love is now in it’s manifesting stage within you and if you are reading this then you can guarantee that some huge change is going on in you right now. Do not doubt who you are, just remember it an focus on it! FOCUS is they way into your truth and the great emancipator.

Much love – Ryan