The Dance of the Lower and Higher mind

In the past week most of the vanguard class (light pavers, up and overs) have experienced a melding of the minds (lower and higher mind) and what a merry dance it was!

This Vegas style match of Monkey chatter vs supreme mind, on the more extreme levels, or a jerry springer style stand off, on the milder rungs of this energy wave. It was extremely painful for some, for others it was much easier, dependant upon how many mind locks (patterns, programs and belief systems) that you were holding on to.

This next level of herculean up-liftment was designed to bring up in you Mind level limitation.  So that you can open up more to the Limitlessness within.  But before you can feel that limitlessness, you have to feel and surrender to all that has held you back before.  Which include all past lives and soul fragments which you are not yet aware of.

This energetic is rooted in the divine masculine energetic as for 2,000 years it has ruled the Active mind (left Brain).  So in part is is a letting go of Earthly control over your life, In part letting the feminine in and finally about seeing more than the M&F alone and accepting more of you creator/ I AM energies into your physical embodiment!

This process will continue for another week!  This week is all about the feminine energetic more than the masculine.  More to follow next week!

Much love – And keep surrendering the lower mind to your higher presence!  This is the path you chose so Accept and let the good stuff in!

much love – Ryan