The union of Generosity & Gratitude

The essence of generosity is beautiful and expansive as it comes straight from the heart, allowing unlimited flow from your being. When receiving generosity (masculine) you activate the receptive quality of gratitude (feminine). The two together allow a union of the masculine and feminine energies and the energies rush back and forth between the two, to create an infinity portal, which allows more of the same to follow. Your frequency when in this flow of energy lifts up, where you engage with your soul and allow a greater stream of love to come into your being.  The feeling that is emitted is unmistakable and will not be forgotten in a hurry.

So before being Generous make sure that your in your heart and it feels right to give.  Ensure that you have not slipped into your head energetic.  Head based giving has many guises, but the highs that it gives are short lived and often followed by an energy slump.  Discernment and monitoring the feeling in your heart, is the only way to work this out.

Also we must discern that when we are giving from the heart (masculine), the person receiving is truly grateful and that the energy you have given has been matched with a similar frequency of reception (feminine). If you feel low afterwards from doing this heart filled deed. It means that the person receiving the energy, has taken much more from you, than was given.  This energy depletion, usually takes place on the more subtle layers of the aura.  It’s often called energy vampirism.  So your discernment here, is to take stock of the people you are being generous with and refine your audience.  Remember that you don’t have to give to anyone!  It’s totally under your control, whom is in reception of this gift.

Empowerment is the key word here!  Do you feel empowered when you are generous and does the gratitude, which is reflected back, match your vibration in your current NOW moment!

Most people think that being spiritual is just about being fluffy, loving and totally open!  In one sense this is true, but for where we are energetically on the planet right now, there are too many lower energies still releasing. Discernment must be used until we are all lovely fluffy and light!

Much love – Ryan

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