Re-Activating your Stargate

Many of us on this winding/narrow/rollercoaster/awesome/horrendous (choose appropriate word for your mood right now) path of remembrance, talk of empowerment, freedom and how we are supreme beings of light choosing a human experience. We all follow the synchronicities in our days, introspecting and reflecting, until there is nothing left to reflect.

At this point the inner shine starts to explode from within, we start to exude light!  Whereas perviously, all that could be felt were the constant implosions from within! This luminosity is a remembering from the deep. It is where you have reached a specific frequency of light which there is no going back from. This frequency is able to hold steady, the light which you are becoming.

You have started to remember your own star origin, the Stellar gateway is starting to open. Heart energy within has opened enough and your energy field has enough clarity to allow the stellar gateway frequencies, to be received from above.

What is the Stellar Gateway? Your stellar gateway is a transpersonal chakra, existing outside of the auric field. Its the energy centre that connects you to our sun (star) and the Great Central Sun where the divine intelligence is transmitted from. Some call this chakra 12 and others call it chakra 13.  It doesn’t really matter about the number! All you need to know is that, it is a part of your heart that currently exists at the outermost edge of your perceived aura.  In time once it is fully activated, it comes into the centre of your energy field and resides within the heart.

This is your Star Gate – It is where you can enter and leave the matrix to visit other realms and dimensions. It is if you like the foundation stone of your stellar temple. The ultimate lock which has to remain locked until you have a consciousness which can work with this energy.

How can you connect with this energy?  In meditation you can bring in this energy and get a feeling and a view of where you are at with this energetic, much wisdom can be gained on how to take your next step to opening up this awesome energy.

It is extremely important that when working with this energy that you have incredible connection to the Earth and the crystalline core of the planet.  This energy is so high in frequency that you really need incredible roots!  If you think of the fastest broadband connection that is available right now, then that is the connection you require with the earth.

Much love – Ryan

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