Void Consciousness : Timeless Beings

The 8-8-8 portal which we have recently traversed opened up within us the fields of creation which exist beyond time and space. This infinity portal was the ignition key to return us back to the 8 (infinity) energy, which is now still anchoring within us and the Earth.

Up until this point we have been creators through the fields of time and space, which is a limited formula for creation and relies on many streams of energetics to align, which produce little and varied manifestations. That is now all changing as many of you will step into the creator energy and start to manifest from the group soul level where there are no wires to clear and more support than has ever been felt before.

Post 8-8-8 – Many of you now (the first wave) since the 8-8-8 portal have been delivered the codes that are releasing all TIME, which has been limiting you until now! Your higher heart is NOW in control of deleting all of the time fields, within your Auric field(your own universe). This is why many of you are currently sitting in the VOID, feeling everything that is not love and all of the agitation and restlessness, that goes with a massive energy shift.

During this VOID state of being, you are activating your higher light bodies (which exist out of time) and undergoing massive physical transformations on all levels. Many of you will again have retreated to your caves, to work out again, who you really are! Remember you don’t have to like this process! You just have to accept that you are going through it and that once all of the realignment are complete, you will be brighter (blinding) than ever before.

This process can be called journeying through the Sphinx. (Time keepers, guardians of the planet & holders of the Akashic Records). Journey through the void of the sphinx until time and space has no bearing left upon us.  Then we exist in the star vibration.

So whichever part of this journey you are at, go deeper into your ocean of self and sit within the vastness of your soul.  If that means doing nothing, then do that!  Become the hermit until the  hermits cloak doesn’t feel comfortable any more.

September will be a brighter time for those whom are shining and a transformative time for those awakening.

Much love – Ryan

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