Titanium Light Activation

titanium-flame-aura-quartz-crystal1Titanium is a high frequency spiritual energy, which is a great assistance in reinforcing ones auric field when you are expanding into the vastness of your soul.  This activation will assist in purifying your auric field from hidden lower vibrational energies within your being.

The loving alchemists of the old way were well versed in the use of titanium and it was a one of the precious metals of alchemy.  It is a great connecter to our star (the sun), which allows us to peer further outside of the Galaxy and star system finding more and more soul aspects of ourself.

Titanium provides us with more clarity about certain relationships and energies that are within our lives and gives us more shine to discern what is right for us at this time. This energy is also great for those whom are awakening and are going through the dark night of the soul.  It supports and clears at lightening fast speed on all levels as the cellular memories are cleared from our auric field.

During this 1 hour activation/attunement you will be blessed with receiving the transforming rays of the Titanium energy.  A major clearing through all chakras, systems and auric bodies will be performed.

Anyone whom feels it from their heart can take this attunement. Each attunement will come with an instruction guide of how to receive the activation.

How can I receive the Titanium Transmission?   Either online or in person.  If you choose online a time and date will be chosen with you to receive the transmission and sent as a distant activation.  If you choose in person this will be during an hours session which can be booked in person with Ryan.

In person call Ryan on 07702 053674 Venues – Manchester & Alderley Edge (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £99 per session).  If there are 4 or more people travel to other uk venues is a possibility.

Online Activations – Each activation costs £65 to book yours click here…  (once order received you will receive a contact email from us)