New and Ancient

As 2016 dawns each morning we are feeling a myriad of emotions, thoughts and patterns in an instant. The healing or becoming whole within us has accelerated to warp phase.  Is it still uncomfortable?  Hell Yes!  But many old patterns are shifting out of us, at warp speed.  Its incredible how many states of mind and emotion I am experiencing in one day, which seems to last an age.

The old Serpentine energy is still there, but it’s reducing day by day (dependant upon where about you are on your path). The battery packs of limitation and control which have been stored upon the planet are being neutralised and returned to their original state (by the many ley line aligners, whom work tirelessly, until this job is done) and many serpent and dragon energetics, are being released from the earth.  This however causes some disturbance within those souls, whom have been working from that energy of control and limitation.  Rage and anger will be common place in 2016, for those souls whom are disconnecting from what they thought was there truth, but really it wasn’t it was just an experience of limitation which they chose. So please if it doesn’t involve YOU, when things kick off!  Then simply move away and do not allow it into your energy field.  If it does involve you, then deal with it with as much grace as you can, in the present moment until it feels dealt with and then let it go!

Personally I’m still fully working on the grid energetic, which comes to a massive level of completion soon.  Until that time I’m just seeing a few clients a week and today I’m offering a distant transmission which will help you to shift yourself out of your current box and move more into the depths of your light.  So if your feeling this transmission then please do jump on board for this 45minute upgrade.

Distant Transmission 25th january 2016  click here…

Until next time.

Much love – Ryan
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