Energy update 12-02-2016

The energies now are unprecedented and have never before been experienced like this. One minute ecstatic highs where you are in total alignment with source. Then the next moment being plunged into a darkened place, which has never felt like it has even experienced light.   

Your core is being tested and expanded and it’s all a part of your spiritual progression. Being able to conquer the lowest of the low and melting these frequencies, back into source.  

Light workers are being are remembering their souls mission with eyes wide open “f*** did I really agree to this”. Yes you did! This is only temporary but absolutely necessarily in you regaining your stripes!

For myself I’m still in half hermit mode, as the grid energy is taking up most of my energy! Keep safe and carry on with whatever level, you are at and know that you are supported like never before, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!  

Much love – Ryan