About Ryan

IMG_2239Ryan has been working in the realms of spirit & energy all of his life. Seeing things that most people are not aware of and being able to guide others with heartfelt advice and assist in the letting go of old energies which inhibit their life.

Over the past ten years Ryan has mastered the energies of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing amongst others, which helped him through tough life lessons and experiences.  He continues his development by running self written courses and classes even having designed his own sonar alignment course, which he has shelved until he feels the energy is right again to teach this transformational technique.

Ryan works with clients just starting on their healing (becoming whole) path and more advanced initiates able to communicate at the energy level required for the receivers.  He has mastered many different pools (Rays) of energy which are available to us now and can assist us with our awakening process.  In his client work he seeks to release stuck emotions, masculine & feminine imbalances, inner child work, limiting thought patterns and beliefs, Past life issues, karmic blocks and is an expert in shadow work and planetary/cosmic alignments.

Earth Realigning is also a big part of his life, being sent to various spots around many countries to remove old fear based blocks and energies so that the ley energy can become free once more and support us all instead of supporting the few.