Energy update 12-02-2016

The energies now are unprecedented and have never before been experienced like this. One minute ecstatic highs where you are in total alignment with source. Then the next moment being plunged into a darkened place, which has never felt like it has even experienced light.   

Your core is being tested and expanded and it’s all a part of your spiritual progression. Being able to conquer the lowest of the low and melting these frequencies, back into source.  

Light workers are being are remembering their souls mission with eyes wide open “f*** did I really agree to this”. Yes you did! This is only temporary but absolutely necessarily in you regaining your stripes!

For myself I’m still in half hermit mode, as the grid energy is taking up most of my energy! Keep safe and carry on with whatever level, you are at and know that you are supported like never before, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!  

Much love – Ryan


New and Ancient

As 2016 dawns each morning we are feeling a myriad of emotions, thoughts and patterns in an instant. The healing or becoming whole within us has accelerated to warp phase.  Is it still uncomfortable?  Hell Yes!  But many old patterns are shifting out of us, at warp speed.  Its incredible how many states of mind and emotion I am experiencing in one day, which seems to last an age.

The old Serpentine energy is still there, but it’s reducing day by day (dependant upon where about you are on your path). The battery packs of limitation and control which have been stored upon the planet are being neutralised and returned to their original state (by the many ley line aligners, whom work tirelessly, until this job is done) and many serpent and dragon energetics, are being released from the earth.  This however causes some disturbance within those souls, whom have been working from that energy of control and limitation.  Rage and anger will be common place in 2016, for those souls whom are disconnecting from what they thought was there truth, but really it wasn’t it was just an experience of limitation which they chose. So please if it doesn’t involve YOU, when things kick off!  Then simply move away and do not allow it into your energy field.  If it does involve you, then deal with it with as much grace as you can, in the present moment until it feels dealt with and then let it go!

Personally I’m still fully working on the grid energetic, which comes to a massive level of completion soon.  Until that time I’m just seeing a few clients a week and today I’m offering a distant transmission which will help you to shift yourself out of your current box and move more into the depths of your light.  So if your feeling this transmission then please do jump on board for this 45minute upgrade.

Distant Transmission 25th january 2016  click here…

Until next time.

Much love – Ryan
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Titanium Light Activation

titanium-flame-aura-quartz-crystal1Titanium is a high frequency spiritual energy, which is a great assistance in reinforcing ones auric field when you are expanding into the vastness of your soul.  This activation will assist in purifying your auric field from hidden lower vibrational energies within your being.

The loving alchemists of the old way were well versed in the use of titanium and it was a one of the precious metals of alchemy.  It is a great connecter to our star (the sun), which allows us to peer further outside of the Galaxy and star system finding more and more soul aspects of ourself.

Titanium provides us with more clarity about certain relationships and energies that are within our lives and gives us more shine to discern what is right for us at this time. This energy is also great for those whom are awakening and are going through the dark night of the soul.  It supports and clears at lightening fast speed on all levels as the cellular memories are cleared from our auric field.

During this 1 hour activation/attunement you will be blessed with receiving the transforming rays of the Titanium energy.  A major clearing through all chakras, systems and auric bodies will be performed.

Anyone whom feels it from their heart can take this attunement. Each attunement will come with an instruction guide of how to receive the activation.

How can I receive the Titanium Transmission?   Either online or in person.  If you choose online a time and date will be chosen with you to receive the transmission and sent as a distant activation.  If you choose in person this will be during an hours session which can be booked in person with Ryan.

In person call Ryan on 07702 053674 Venues – Manchester & Alderley Edge (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £99 per session).  If there are 4 or more people travel to other uk venues is a possibility.

Online Activations – Each activation costs £65 to book yours click here…  (once order received you will receive a contact email from us)

Excalibur Grid Activation (Equinox through to eclipse tetrad)


The Month of September (9) always brings with it the opportunity to wrap up many energetics which we have experienced and NOW need release from.  It’s a fast paced energy month where we purge much from our colossal experience banks.

For myself it has been a month of ripping apart old structures and programs (Earth programs, Solar System Programs & Star System programs) which has brought much pain (ouch) and also huge swathes of inner peace & knowing that all is well.  I have been connecting with my wisdom from past lives and following the abundantly flowing synchronizations which have been helping me to lay a new energy grid for the planet.

To cut a very long story short, the New Grid which I’m calling Excalibur (As Excalibur resembles to me the blue divine power of truth) will be fired (which means fully active) on the Equinox of 23rd September 2015, which is a 22 day in numerology (the number of the master builder).
It is a grid that has been extended out to cover all influencing energies which have had relationships with the Earth over all time.   *When the time is right i’m sure ill write a book with all of the details of what I have been working towards*

After the grid is fired  there will then be a period of recalibration which will last for 10 days (the eclipse and full moon is in this 10 day period). A recalibration period means much change and re-aligning. This can cause discomfort as our physical bodies are letting go of so much outdated emotions, thoughts and programs.

It is essential at this time, whatever your level of awakening, that you can access your still point.  This is your centre and the silence within.  The power of peace is the band aid that soothes and takes away all that is not needed for the new you and new world.  So in these days before the Firing of Excalibur,  what are the inner yearnings,things or tools that bring you PEACE.

If any of you during this time are in need of some external assistance then please do book a session with myself, either in person or through distant correspondence (which is equally as effective and powerful).
until next time – Much love – Ryan
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Void Consciousness : Timeless Beings

The 8-8-8 portal which we have recently traversed opened up within us the fields of creation which exist beyond time and space. This infinity portal was the ignition key to return us back to the 8 (infinity) energy, which is now still anchoring within us and the Earth.

Up until this point we have been creators through the fields of time and space, which is a limited formula for creation and relies on many streams of energetics to align, which produce little and varied manifestations. That is now all changing as many of you will step into the creator energy and start to manifest from the group soul level where there are no wires to clear and more support than has ever been felt before.

Post 8-8-8 – Many of you now (the first wave) since the 8-8-8 portal have been delivered the codes that are releasing all TIME, which has been limiting you until now! Your higher heart is NOW in control of deleting all of the time fields, within your Auric field(your own universe). This is why many of you are currently sitting in the VOID, feeling everything that is not love and all of the agitation and restlessness, that goes with a massive energy shift.

During this VOID state of being, you are activating your higher light bodies (which exist out of time) and undergoing massive physical transformations on all levels. Many of you will again have retreated to your caves, to work out again, who you really are! Remember you don’t have to like this process! You just have to accept that you are going through it and that once all of the realignment are complete, you will be brighter (blinding) than ever before.

This process can be called journeying through the Sphinx. (Time keepers, guardians of the planet & holders of the Akashic Records). Journey through the void of the sphinx until time and space has no bearing left upon us.  Then we exist in the star vibration.

So whichever part of this journey you are at, go deeper into your ocean of self and sit within the vastness of your soul.  If that means doing nothing, then do that!  Become the hermit until the  hermits cloak doesn’t feel comfortable any more.

September will be a brighter time for those whom are shining and a transformative time for those awakening.

Much love – Ryan

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Lionsgate Portal 08-08-08

We now have entered the star sign of Leo, in this infinity year of 2015 (8 numerological value).  It is the 3rd such portal since, the Opening of the 2012 new harmonics and represents a completion of energies and experiences, which we have all been working through since 2012 blew up (quite literally) in our faces.

This Portal energy which peaks, on the 08-08 and ends on the 12-08, will bring to our attention huge energies to realign with. Many soul groups during this time, will take the next shift towards unified awareness, with telepathy and pure sight becoming clearer by the day. Gnosis and the higher mind will take more precedence in your lives, revealing much to each individual, about their path and the next steps which are to be taken to enact the group plan.

Purging of Fear – During this period and especially at the Leo Full Moon at the end of July, your remaining shadow aspects will show themselves, in all of their Dark glory. So breath deep and go through this integration with as much grace as possible. Or use any means necessary (that doesn’t create more karma) to let this out and let more love in. This will only be temporary and is needed to prepare you for the 08-08 receiving of harmonics.

Unity is very much a theme for this portal. It is of paramount importance that the manifestations now, are working with the group mind for the highest good of all. The inner child blue print within you, will be most successful when you are engaging in the group plan. Alongside physical souls in your sphere of influence, this also means the off planet souls whom are assisting your from above.

Daily meditation and journaling is recommended during this period, as much information will flow that may not make sense now, but will in the near future.

Empathy for other souls will also increase alongside a loving detachment. As it is important that you do not drop into the drama, karma and pain bodies of those whom are starting to awaken. If you are still in the mode of the rescuer/saviour, then you know that there is more work to be done to ensure that you remain centred in your heart and influence only what feels right to you.

Kundalini activations will continue to increase and upgrade the circuitry within you physical vessels.  This can feel incredible alongside feeling horrendous, so make sure you stay centred and follow your intuition always. Low impact Body work and stretching will become more important, as you try and assist your body with the new energies.

The day of 08-08 where Harmony Descends – On this auspicious day many downloads will happen and they are all Coded harmonies (sonic codes), which will enrich your lives and bring much acceleration to your path. During this day try to do as little as possible, going into your heart deeply. Become vulnerable to your higher light and let love in. This energy feels very liquid in its nature, feeling deep and expansive. The message here is to go with the flow.

During this Lionsgate period I am offering a series of 4 distant sessions period for those who need some cosmic assistance to clear the way for this great day.  Please do see for full details of this 4 part distant energy series which starts at the beginning of August.

So whatever you do, open up and just BE.    Much love – Ryan

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Re-Activating your Stargate

Many of us on this winding/narrow/rollercoaster/awesome/horrendous (choose appropriate word for your mood right now) path of remembrance, talk of empowerment, freedom and how we are supreme beings of light choosing a human experience. We all follow the synchronicities in our days, introspecting and reflecting, until there is nothing left to reflect.

At this point the inner shine starts to explode from within, we start to exude light!  Whereas perviously, all that could be felt were the constant implosions from within! This luminosity is a remembering from the deep. It is where you have reached a specific frequency of light which there is no going back from. This frequency is able to hold steady, the light which you are becoming.

You have started to remember your own star origin, the Stellar gateway is starting to open. Heart energy within has opened enough and your energy field has enough clarity to allow the stellar gateway frequencies, to be received from above.

What is the Stellar Gateway? Your stellar gateway is a transpersonal chakra, existing outside of the auric field. Its the energy centre that connects you to our sun (star) and the Great Central Sun where the divine intelligence is transmitted from. Some call this chakra 12 and others call it chakra 13.  It doesn’t really matter about the number! All you need to know is that, it is a part of your heart that currently exists at the outermost edge of your perceived aura.  In time once it is fully activated, it comes into the centre of your energy field and resides within the heart.

This is your Star Gate – It is where you can enter and leave the matrix to visit other realms and dimensions. It is if you like the foundation stone of your stellar temple. The ultimate lock which has to remain locked until you have a consciousness which can work with this energy.

How can you connect with this energy?  In meditation you can bring in this energy and get a feeling and a view of where you are at with this energetic, much wisdom can be gained on how to take your next step to opening up this awesome energy.

It is extremely important that when working with this energy that you have incredible connection to the Earth and the crystalline core of the planet.  This energy is so high in frequency that you really need incredible roots!  If you think of the fastest broadband connection that is available right now, then that is the connection you require with the earth.

Much love – Ryan

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