Diamond Activations

 Diamond Light Activations

The time is now right on the planet to start the Diamond Light Activations of light for those whom feel it right within their hearts.  These activations will initiate the process of Diamond Remembering and allow the Elixir of Super luminal light to flow into your being once more.  This Elixir will initiate the process of bringing all aspects of being back into divine alignment.  Your shining self will receive the clarion call that you want 100% of you back into this NOW moment.  These 3 activations will create a trinity of diamond support around you to enable you to unravel layer upon layer of your truth.

beautiful_diamond“Diamond Love is ready to re-enter your life, are you ready to embody this divine love and let go of all that was?”

Commitment Required – First and foremost, you have got to be feeling this one from the core of your being, It will feel like a magnetic pull which your tractor beam is fully locked upon and will not let go.  Also once signed up you are required to complete all 3 Activations at a time that is right by you.  As these activations bring huge amounts of light into your being you need to be able to take time for You, by this I mean having some opportunities to go into stillness so that you can listen to your heart talking to you.  Each activation will come with an instruction email and some assistance exercises to help you during the 3 activation process.

1st Diamond Activation – This activation takes one hour to deliver and will be working with your chakras in your body and your Earth connection accelerating the Reunifying process within.  An energetic crystallising process of your energetic systems will begin working with the frequencies of love to bring love to the most unloved parts of your being.  Your heart will expand here and start to unwind any remaining junctions that need to be released.(Please leave minimum one month before taking the next activation).

2nd Diamond Activation – This activation takes one hour to deliver and will be working with your trans-personal chakras and your Cosmic connections.  Here many heart connections with the head will be remembered and increased levels of love into your daily thinking will be enacted. Karma will be concluded at a much faster rate and with the power of forgiveness and mercy your lightness will increase and old habits and beliefs will start to fall away one by one.

3rd Diamond Activation – Working at the level of the cosmic heart expansions into oneness become common place within your life when the 3rd activation is fully anchored, this is where unity takes on a whole new meaning and the embodiment of spirit starts to take place at a very cellular level.  Cell by cell allowing the vibrations to transform into light.

Online Activations – Each activation costs £144 (approx USD $200) to book yours click here…
Once order received you will receive a contact email from us to arrange a date and time to receive.)  Due to the high energy of these sessions I have limited numbers of sessions per week.

Support During this Transition – Whilst you are going through these huge transitions you will be given distant sessions at a great discount (only available online and not in 1to1 sessions). These sessions can be booked to assist you if your feeling you need extra clearing support during these sessions.

In person available in Manchester uk please contact Ryan direct to book.


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