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E.Course – : Days of perfection

1:Increasing Soulful flow

This intense days e-course of exercises and audio meditations will assist you to make a quantum jump forward in bringing more light back into your energetic vehicle (auric field).   A love filled series of exercises meditations and expansions to allow those energies which are restricting your expansion and need to be lifted in order for more light to be absorbed.

Our Points of focus for this day will be Breath work, Heart Expansion, Earth Connections, Cosmic Connections & Chakra Soul Waves.

Suggested Days Itinerary :

8am- Morning Meditation & Clearing. (approx. 15mins)

10am- Nature walk, Earth Connection (from 15mins-1.5hours).

12pm- Breath Work Meditation (approx. 15mins).

2pm- Chakra Soul Waves Meditation (approx. 30mins)

4pm- Heart Expansion Exercise (approx. 30mins)

6pm- Cosmic Connection Meditation (approx. 30mins).

8pm- Evening Meditation & Clearing before sleep (approx.15 mins).

There are no pre-requisites for this package although an idea of what meditation is and a light knowledge of the chakras within the body would be advantageous.

Whats included in the Package – You will receive a 10 page schedule of instructions for the day with 3 audio meditations to be used at various points during the day.  This package can be used again and again.  It is recommended that the first time you use this Day of perfecting you complete the whole day as suggested in the itinerary.

Launching End November 2013 – You can pre-order NOW by following the link below.

Investment £33  click here to purchase…


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