In Person & Online Sessions

To Book please call (07702) 053674  Int +447702 053674
or email Sessions held @Manchester Holistic, Liverpool/Victoria Warehouse, (off A56) Manchester & The Yard, Alderly Edge.


30 Minute Re-Alignment Session  Most Tuesdays @ManchesterYogaCentral (Salford Quays, Manchester) and Thursdays @TheYard (Alderley Edge) there are a number of 30 minute sessions which can be booked. This short session designed to provide a depth charge of rejuvenating light into your being which will bring up massive opportunities for change and transformation. Clearing and recalibrating all chakras, organs, meridians, bodily systems and energy bodies of the aura. Finishing with a heart expansion and balancing which will permeate every cell of your body. Investment £45 for 30 mins.  Contact myself to book.


Soul Alchemy Sessions (1 Hour) – An hour of deep healing and surrender to the realms of the Soul where we will remove outdated emotions, beliefs, programs and patterns from our lives allowing us to express our long held emotions.  Each session is different depending upon the unique souls plan of the client. We will journey into the different dimensions, past lives as well as this life to re-unite many soul fragments which are waiting to be found once the old energies of limitation are removed.  We will also raise up to the frequency of the soul and bring in the new light energies which are waiting eagerly to be reunited with yourself once the old energies have left.  Sessions available @ManchesterYogaCentral (Salford Quays, Manchester)  and Thursdays @TheYard (Alderley Edge).  Investment £99  If you would like to book an online session click here to reserve… Once booking has been made you will be contacted about venue choice and to arrange a date.


Diamond Light Activations Series (3 sessions)

This series of activities and remembrance is for the spiritual warrior whom wants to move those mountains of restriction and is ready to face and let go of all their past miscorrelations.  These sessions are transformational and require a commitment from your heart that this is what you actually want at this time!  All previous clients taking this series have gone through major life shifts incredibly quickly.  Are you ready for whatever it takes?  The Sessions can be performed in Manchester or Alderley Edge. Each Sessions investment £99 click here for more info…


House and Apartment Clearings – The places where we live and work all have an energetic print which is left upon the Earth. This energy imprint is built up of all the occurrences that have happened upon the house of piece of land which have not been energetically dealt with.

Cost for house clearings is per visit which will be usually for about 3 hours. (Travel costs are extra) Most houses can be cleared in the first visit but on the odd occasion where there is more of an energetic imbalance it make take another visit.  There is the additional option here of creating a crystal grid in your house to assist you and your family/business to move more into your truth.Please email for full details and costs.


Daily Hire & NEW ENERGY Business Consultations – Book Ryan for a 1/2 Day or a Full Day. Previous Bookings include : Running a workshop for a private group or Business, A house party of Energy sessions for each person, Outdoor Activity day, Business consultations – How to remodel your business and create a high energy environment for all to work in and attract incredible business.  Holistic centre workshops etc. For up to date costs please contact Ryan

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