Rainbow Activations

RainbowAre you ready to build the Rainbow bridge of light between your physical self and the realms of light and love? It’s time to blend into the spectrums of colour light that are encompassed within the rainbow energy and allow them to work through your energetic system bringing back the lighter aspects of your being.

The Rainbow energy acts as a bridge between the physical and higher realms, it is the conduit in which energies travel and communication is received from your soul. Many of us have over many life streams been disconnected from this wondrous energy and have simply separated from an important part of ourselves. This light once fully activated within your energy system can provide incredible chakra support and will assist in realigning and rebalancing the  energy bodies as you continue your journey back to love.

During this 1 hour activation/attunement you will be blessed with receiving the transforming rays of the Rainbow light once again.  Your Rainbow bridge will be connected/remembered once more to increase connection between yourself and your lighter aspects.

Anyone whom feels it from their heart can take this attunement.  This is also a perfect activation for those whom have done much work on individual chakras and are looking for the next step in their search to remember being whole.

How can I receive the Rainbow Activation?   Either online or in person.  If you choose online a time and date will be chosen with you to receive the activation and sent as a distant activation.  If you choose in person this will be during an hours session which can be booked in person with Ryan (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £65 per session).

In person call Ryan on 07702 053674 Venues – Manchester, Bolton and Rochdale (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £99 per session).  If there are 4 or more people travel to other uk venues is a possibility.

Online Activations – Each activation costs £65 to book yours click here…  (once order received you will receive a contact email from us)


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