Remembering Atlantis

Remembering Atlantis Workshop

2014 is now upon us and we have the opportunity to delve more deeply into our Atlantean Energies, thanks to the divine time portal opening that was made through the Sphinx in Egypt on the 21-12-13.
This was a powerful time lock that had been in place since the times of Atlantis designed to keep us in separation until we were ready to start to remember and embody the gifts that we held in Atlantis.
So NOW is the time to start that remembering process.  Join us in a high energy workshop to release your own locks with divine keys of supreme consciousness. Allowing your magnificence to Embody in your physical vehicle.
A workshop full of meditations, expansions and experiences to remember your Atlantean Self

@Time Out For You, Bolton
Time: 12-4pm
Investment: £39


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