Reunifying our Trinity (Masculine, Feminine & Inner Child)

trinityReunifying our Trinity

(Masculine, Feminine & Inner Child) 

A workshop to return to love from the level of the trinity aspects of the Masculine Feminine and Inner Child.  The sacred trinity once combined will unify many facets of our being allowing our giving (masculine) and receiving (feminine) process to amplify and our divine power (inner child) increase.
A workshop full of heart expanding revelations and releasing of old patterns of self imprisonment which we learnt during our various existences playing out the masculine, feminine and inner child dramas.
Our Divine Masculine once embodied provides the plan, the wisdom and the divine action in our lives, speaking our truth and loving every word of it.
Our divine feminine once embodied makes our cup runeth over, receive with grace, enhances our vision and intuition and nurtures our soul.
Our Divine Child Once Shining provides us with the clarity that comes through innocence and the everlasting energy and enthusiasm and joy to enact our life.
If you are looking for the breakthrough?  If you are wanting more from your existence? If you are bored of the current spectrum in your life?  Then this is the workshop for you.
Saturday 8th February 12-5pm  £45
Location – Time out for you, Bolton

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