Rose Gold Activation 21/12/14

flat550x550075f-u1Rose-Gold Activation Transmission

21&24 December 2014

Through the energetic trinity of John David Kirby, Ryan Greenwood (me) and Jay Atkinson, this powerful 2 part transmission is intended to assist you in activating your own, very personal reconnection with your Source, aligning you, once and for all, with your sacred lineage. You know who you truly are. You know you are ready to move to the next level…
Creative or Vortex Energy (also known as the energy of your Source) is a combination of solar, telluric and lunar energies. Source Energy is quite simply the power of the Divine. It is the creative force within all life, including that of humanity and the living earth itself; connecting the Divine to not only the human nervous system and to Chakra energy or Chi energy, but to all of creation, and thus has the capability to heal and transform. Source Energy is who you truly are…
The ancients and mystics throughout the ages have been intimately associated with the power of this sacred Energy and aware of its ever-expanding capabilities.

These illumined ones were also able to identify and co-create with the concentrated levels of Creative or Vortex energy that were emitted from the lines where they crossed and at certain times during the lunar cycle at various throughout the year.

It is for this reason that along these alignments – or Ley Lines – certain sites were revered as sacred (holy wells and places in nature such as sacred springs, mountains and rivers) spawning the development of human cultural centres around them as well as the building of ancient sacred structures such as pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples, churches and sacred burial grounds.  It is becoming widely acknowledged and accepted that we are entering a new and exciting Golden Age.

Part I : 21-12-14 

Sent live from 2 vortexes upon the Rose Line. The Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh & The womb of Llangollen at Sunset.
Open up (Heart Activation) and embrace the hidden light codes within the Rose-Gold telluric  ley and cosmic energy which has remained dormant until now.  This ancient energetic placed here by our light ancestors waiting for us to feel worthy once more to become Loving creators ready to embrace a New Golden Age. It is now time to expand into the light awaiting us.

Part II : 24-12-14

Light focused from the galactic centre and core of mother earth at Sunrise.
Allow Loving light to illuminate your inner sun and light up your spine with the cosmic flow of the Rose-Gold (Rose-Line) energy.  Increasing flow within and absorbing light into each and every cell of your body.  Allowing new codes of Love to drench your being reading yourself for the heartfelt way to become the norm in your life.

We welcome all to partake in this transmission whom are feeling it within!


Once booked you will be emailed a short guide on how to prepare for the transmissions a few days before the 21/12/14.  Please do not worry if you are busy at the time of the transmission as it will be downloaded to you whenever you request it from your higher self that day.

Cost £66 for the two transmissions  Click here to reserve your space…


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