Rosslyn Chapel Adventure 12-12-2015

   Invite only – Please only continue reading if you have been invited.

This high energy workshop will take place, within the splendid energetics of the Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, on the energetic star gate of 12-12. This energy temple holds the crystalline vibration of the crown chakra, when working at the higher heart level. Thus enabling through sacred focus, many miracles to happen, when you are fully aligned with your truth.

On the 12-12 star gate, we will access harmonic tones and light technologies, which bring us to the harmonic masculine & feminine convergence, of our divine and human self. The penultimate light increment before the completion of the 3 year period we have traversed since 21-12-2012. One not to be missed for those whom have been focussed on their truth for many years. 

A day of remembering divine origin, cosmic blueprints and truth from before time. This day will not be forgotten as eternal consciousness will imprint into your energy vehicle from your heart.

During the day we will complete group exercises, meditations and discussions around the Rosslyn chapel and the Rosslyn Glen (outdoor wear needed) to allow the new energies to flow into your energetic system.  There will be personal time where you can reflect and explore the chapel at you own speed. If you need more time than is allocated then you can stay after the adventure has ended as the chapel is open until 6pm.

***The Rosslyn Chapel is still open to the public and this small group will be just visiting the site alongside all other visitors.***

Limited places available to create a great energy

Investment: £99 which includes entrance fee into the Rosslyn Chapel. Click here to book…

Time:  Arrive at the chapel at 10am for a 10.30am start.  We will finish approx 4pm. Recommendations: It is recommended that you stay over in the Edinburgh area on 12-12-12 as we will be working with very profound energies which will need integrating. Please have appropriate outdoor gear (warm & Rainproof) and shoes as we will go down into the Rosslyn Glen. There is a coffee shop inside the Rosslyn chapel where you can buy hot drinks, soup and varied sandwiches and bakery items.

Sacred Journey – However you decide to travel to Edinburgh remember this will be part of the journey and process.  If you are wanting to lift share then please let me know and I can check with other attendees.