Online Services

Distant Energy Realignment Sessions are just as powerful as the in person sessions.  But are completed remotely through emails.  Once booked your session will be scheduled to be sent at 9pm (UST) the following evening from the booking (so please make sure you are free on the following evening to be in a relaxed state to recieve the session for 1 hour).

Here are just a few of the things which I assist clients with releasing in their sessions.  Past Life releasing, Releasing karmic patterns, Energetic contracts, Old Curses and hexes, Inner child empowerment, Masculine and feminine Energies rebalancing, Light body integration,  Earth grounding, Planetary issues, Reuniting soul aspects, Emotional release, thought pattern dissolving,  removing outworn belief patterns.

Once booked if you could send myself an email stating what you would like help releasing to

After the Session has been sent you will receive a short email of what has been worked on and any communications that I feel are necessary to assist with the energy re-alignment.

1 session  – Investment £55  Click here to reserve…
3 sessions – Investment £111 Click here to reserve…

Also I carry out regular Group Distant Expansions and Alignments to see if there is one scheduled soon click here…


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