Earth Healing Donations

imagesMuch of my work is conducted away from the public eye and takes up many of my days in the working week.  This Earth Healing role is part of my task which I chose to complete whilst here on this planet. 

I love doing this work from my heart as I can feel the tremendous difference that it is making to the planet, seeing layer upon layer of old energies releasing from the planet.  There are huge amounts of energies, patterns, programs of old which need to be removed from the planet in order for the new age to flourish.  I am also involved in setting up the new grids of light which have been anchored in the planet during the 21-12 transition.

My work takes me all over the UK and the World at the drop of a hat.  It means that I have to drop what I am doing and take up the call to assist the Planet in her healing journey.

In December 2012 I was spending around 30 hours a week doing this work.  Which is hugely time-consuming and obviously impacts my income as none of this work is paid for.   So my guidance told me that I should place this page here to give people the opportunity to provide myself some support in doing all of this work.

So if you feel that you would like to offer some support to myself in my Earth Healing Work then your support would be gratefully received.  There are 2 options below which can be chosen.

Many thanks in advance if you have chosen to support my work!

1.  Click here to subscribe to the £11 monthly donation which will run for 1yr.2.  Click here to make a one-off Donation.


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