Platinum Activation

platinum01Platinum Activation/Attunement

The Platinum ray of energy is the Ray of Cosmic Service, Balance, Cosmic Communication and the Foundation to the Rainbow Bridge of Light.  This ray of cosmic love houses within its spectrum all of the chakra colours and much much more that those whom work with this ray are really just starting to grasp.  To me it is also the ray of the Soul Star Chakra which is located 1-2 feet above your head and the perfect blended integration of the Gold (masculine) and Silver (feminine) Rays of light.   A loving ray of union for those on the upward spiralling path of remembrance.

This ray was fully activated on the earth but a few years ago.  Before this time it was held within the mineral element & oceans of the planet.  The Whales and the Dolphins were the guardians as they held the perfect frequencies of sonar communication which transmits the Platinum Ray of light. I have now been working with this ray of light for over 8 years and it has brought many wondrous gifts back to myself as I continue in the path of full remembrance.

During this 1 hour activation/attunement you will be blessed with receiving the transforming rays of the Platinum light once again.  A major clearing and upgrade of all chakras and your Earth connection will happen, especially focussing on the energy centres within the head (third eye, crown, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thalamus and hypothalamus).  Then a major Soul Star cleansing will occur As platinum Transforming light flows into your being.

Anyone whom feels it from their heart can take this attunement.  This is also a perfect stepping stone for those not quite ready to take the Diamond light trinity of attunements.  Each attunement will come with an instruction guide of how to receive the activation.

How can I receive the Platinum Activation?   Either online or in person.  If you choose online a time and date will be chosen with you to receive the activation and sent as a distant activation.  If you choose in person this will be during an hours session which can be booked in person with Ryan (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £99 per session).

In person call Ryan on 07702 053674 Venues – Manchester, Bolton and Rochdale (cost for in person sessions are the usual price of £65 per session).  If there are 4 or more people travel to other uk venues is a possibility.

Online Activations – Each activation costs £65 to book yours click here…  (once order received you will receive a contact email from us)











Cost £48 click here to order…


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