Sonar Expansion Healing

logo_wht_MED“Sonar Expansion Healing works through Sound waves to re-connect your heart with your Soul Vibration, which for most of us we have forgotten. It is through this connection that your path becomes clearer & you become aware of your lessons, issues & blockages. So much so that they start to fall away from your life, bringing you into sustainable joy & starting to embody Mastery in all aspects of your life.”

Launched in January 2011 this advanced universal healing technology works with energies not seen on this planet for thousands of years.  It works with the Platinum Ray frequencies & Sound light codes of the 5th-8th Dimension to influence the body’s core energies so that it can heal itself!

Sonar Expansion Healing works by sending sonar waves in the form of sacred words through the body to release suppressed issues and energetic blocks helping them to complete.  The sonar wave energy then works to integrate and expand bringing in beauty, abundance, balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, awakening of spiritual gifts, unique voice patterns that identify your soul and accelerate your soul’s mission.

This therapy can be performed in the more traditional treatment style of lying on a massage couch or in the seated position.  The therapy relies on very little touch as the sound frequencies travelling through the air work the magic.  The only touch a client will feel is the grounding at the end of the treatment.

Sessions can be 30 minutes or 1 hour dependant upon the clients needs.

Sonar Healing & Expansion will bring enhanced intuition, empowered speech, clairaudience, heightened self awareness, abundance, love and positive action into your life.  It will create a ripple effect in every aspect of your life, leaving no stone unturned until you attain self mastery of all that you are.

See and find out information of how to become a Sonar Expansion Healer or to recieve a treatment.


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